Pure Hazelwood Jewelry Review and Giveaway

Hazel wood jewelry is not only beautiful but healing as well. Hazel wood is known to ease symptoms related to oxidative stress and inflammation. Common ailments are teething pain, digestive disorders, skin problems, join pain, and mouth sores. Hazel wood helps relieve pain when it is in contact with the skin. What is so unique and wonderful about Hazel wood is it does not have to be near the area of inflammation to be helpful, rather it can be anywhere on the body. For teething pain you do not need to wear a necklace, a bracelet or anklet works as well. For joint pain you do not need to wear Hazel wood near that joint, any hazel wood on the body will help with the pain. These necklaces would make great presents for the holiday season. I know a few friends who would like to receive jewelry for Christmas, and I’ve already started looking at custom-made jewelry similar to this namenskette (name necklace) as a gift for the upcoming season, but I might reconsider and give them Hazelwood necklaces instead.

Pure Hazelwood has an amazing line of Hazel wood jewelry. Hazel wood jewelry is not just for babies with teething pain. Hazel wood is wonderful for toddlers, children, teens, adults and can be used during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. We were sent a piece of jewelry for each of us. Baby Sister, 2 years old, received a 13 inch necklace, Bunny, 4 years old, received a 14 inch necklace and I received a 16 inch necklace and 8 inch bracelet.

Baby Sister’s necklace is the 13 inch Pure Hazel wood amethyst flower necklace. This is a beautiful piece of jewelry that also serves a purpose! Because this necklace is meant for children under the age of 4 it has a screw clasp on it. This makes it difficult for baby or toddler to take it off and potentially chew on it. If enough pressure is put on the clasp it will release without breaking. The beads will stay on the wire so the child can not harm themselves. Though Hazel wood is good at relieving teething pain, it is not meant to be chewed on. Baby Sister LOVES wearing this necklace. She loves the purple flower and beads. I love that it is a beautiful necklace and can also help her with her teething pain when it occurs.

Bunny’s necklace is the 14 inch Pure Hazel wood rose quartz shamballa necklace. Because this necklace is meant for children ages 4-10 years old it does not have the screw clasp. Instead it has a lobster clasp which is easier for children to put on and take off on their own. Bunny LOVES this beautiful necklace! The rose quartz beads are gorgeous! Bunny has developed a skin rash which is not troublesome to her nor does it itch. Her Pure Hazel wood necklace arrived just in time! Bunny has been wearing this necklace for a few weeks and her rash has improved greatly! I am excited to be able to help her body heal without harmful chemicals or medication.

My necklace and bracelet match. The necklace is the 16 inch Pure Hazel wood with chakra stones. There are 7 stones, one for each chakra. The stones are red jasper, snowflake obsidian, baltic amber, green aventurine, sodalite, amethyst and white quartz. Since this neckalce is meant for teens and adults it too has a lobster clasp. The bracelet is the 8 inch Pure Hazel wood single bracelet with chakra stones. This does not have a clasp, instead it is on a high quality elastic band that easily stretches to slide over my hand. This bracelet is incredibly comfortable to wear. I typically do not enjoy bracelets because they are bulky and heavy and often get in my way. The Pure Hazel wood single bracelet with chakra stones is light weight and moves easily on my wrist. I often forget I am wearing it. Until someone compliments me! I love the look and feel of the chakra collection!

If you are not familiar with Chakras let me give you a brief run down of what they are and why it is important to address and clear your chakras. Chakras are energy centers inside the body. Chakras are the meeting points of the lines of energy. If one, or more, Chakras are blocked it can effect the flow of energy within the body. You can strengthen and clear your chakras in many ways. Some people use yoga as a way to strengthen them, or they can perhaps use yoni eggs. Yoni eggs are strongly connected with getting in touch with your spiritual side and these powerful yoni eggs can also cleanse your chakras. You can get yoni eggs with different crystals, which some people prefer to make the cleansing process more spiritual. Each Chakra is associated with one or several gemstones. These stones are used to clear, revitalize and heal the specific chakra it is associated with. You can learn more about Chakras here.

I am currently pregnant and breastfeeding. I do not have morning sickness anymore, thank heavens. Pure Hazel wood has been known to help with morning sickness and next time I am pregnant I am definitely going to test this! Hazel wood has been known to help with heart burn, constipation, itchy skin and acne. I personally do not enjoy the necklace because it is on the shorter side. I prefer to have longer necklaces, but on the days I do wear it I definitely see a difference in my digestive system. I have been wearing the bracelet for a few weeks and FINALLY my acne has subsided! I will definitely keep wearing my Pure Hazel wood jewelry throughout my pregnancy. I am excited to see how it helps me with the postpartum period as well. Soreness, cramps, moodiness. I do hope it makes a difference!

Hazel wood jewelry does need to be replaced every 3-6 months. You will see the wood get darker with normal use. Once you start feeling symptoms returning you should replace your hazel wood jewelry. You can bathe in your hazel wood jewelry as water does not hurt it. You do want to take off your hazel wood jewelry if you go in a pool or hot tub as the chlorine can damage the wood.

You can purchase your Pure Hazel wood jewelry online. Prices range from $11 to $17 for baby/toddler necklaces, $11 to $18 for the children’s necklaces, $11 to $21 for teen/adult necklaces and $6 to $14 for single bracelets. I really love how many styles and options Pure Hazel wood has to offer. These jewelry pieces are beautiful and beneficial.

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  1. I didn’t know of all these benefits that my husband and I could really use. Had to enter the giveaway! The jewelry is so beautiful,too.

  2. I’d never heard of Hazelwood but it sounds pretty amazing! I’d also forgotten about chakras so feel like I want to do a bit more exploring into that now as well 🙂

  3. This is a really great idea. The necklaces are very pretty. It would be fun for the family to all have days. Thanks so much for the chance to win and happy Mother’s Day to you

  4. They are all so beautiful!!! I especially love the colors on the Hazel wood, rose quartz & Baltic amber child necklace.

  5. The hazel wood has me intrigued. I’ve heard of using the Amber beads but I love the look of the hazel wood.

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