babybay Bedside Sleeper Review

The babybay bedside sleeper will be available for purchase at the end of February! I am so excited the babybay bedside sleeper will be available in the USA! I was able to test out a babybay bedside sleeper and am happy to say it has lived up to my high expectations.

The babybay bedside sleeper is an adjustable bedside sleeper. The babybay goes right up against your bed. babybay fits tall beds, like mine. The babybay does not have a drop, like some other co sleepers. This is a HUGE deal because this means I can nurse my baby while I am in my bed and she is in her babybay. In a bedside sleeper that has a drop, this is not possible, at least not comfortably. One of the main reasons I co sleep is so I can get more sleep, and having to lay awkwardly and uncomfortably to nurse my baby multiple times in the middle of the night defeats that purpose. This is reason enough to run out and buy a babybay.

babybay is SUPER easy to put together. It took me about 10 minutes with my two kids crawling all over my stuff, as kids are prone to do. This is the easiest baby product I have ever put together. When we put our crib together it took at least an hour. It was torture. babybay is easy peasy and can be assembled in minutes.

babybay consists of four main parts with four supports. The three main pieces screw together easily and make up the frame. Next, you take the four supports and attach the part where the mattress sits to the frame. I attached these supports but left them loose so I could easily move the mattress to match the height of my bed. I put together my babybay in my living room and was pleasantly surprised to find my babybay could fit through my hallway AND my door! This is great if I want to move my babybay out to my living room for baby’s naps during the day and easily move it back to my bedroom for bedtime at night! When babybay is next to your bed you do need to attach it to the bed with the provided strap. To do this you simply attach the straps to the babybay, slide the straps under your mattress between the box spring and the mattress and tighten. If you’re looking for a better night’s sleep for yourself, not just your child, you might want to think about switching out your own mattress for a new, comfier one. You could consider using this Saatva promo code if you’re looking to save some money on your next mattress purchase. Why should your child be the only one lucky enough to have a good night’s sleep, after all?

babybay is also adjustable, meaning no matter the height of your bed, your babybay will always be the perfect height. If you have your bed on the floor, babybay can go that low. If you have a super high bed, babybay can go that high. babybay adjusts easily and smoothly. The mattress “box spring” is held in four places on the frame, and for people wondering if box springs are still regularly used, it never went out of style considering it can have a number of advantages. These four attachments can easily be loosened to move the mattress up or down. My Love wants to get rid of the full size crib and replace it with the babybay. Saves a ton of space and allows Baby Sister to still have her own space in our bed.

There are four different mattress options for the babybay. The classic mattress pad with a cotton cover, extra arial mattress pad with climate cover, eco organic mattress pad with climate cover and the visco comfort mattress pad with climate control cover. The climate control cover can be purchased separately as well. This cover is water resistant and keeps your mattress pad from getting wet. I was able to try the classic, organic and visco mattresses. The visco felt the best to me, like memory foam. Visco “consists of an open cell-structured, visco-elastic foam which reacts to body heat, thereby moulding perfectly around your child’s body. It supports and relieves pressure, thus optimizing blood flow and creating a heavenly feeling of weightlessness, similar to what your baby experienced in the womb.” The organic mattress was my second favorite . The “combination of coconut fibers and natural latex is extremely breathable, ensuring air circulation and moisture removal. The coconut fibers’ hollow construction provide excellent heat retention and natural water repelling properties. Quality tested and approved by the Environmental Institute in Cologne, the Eco-Organic provides excellent pressure distribution and constant support.” The classic mattress was a good mattress as well, seemed to me to be similar to any standard mattress. Classic mattress made from “high class, breathable foam material core with a comfortable soft Cotton Cover provides a baby-like microclimate: good air circulation without taking too much heat from the body for a healthy baby-sleep.”

There are a few accessories you can get for your babybay such as a guard rail that turns your babybay into a freestanding bed, a baby nest which covers the rails like a bumper, a baby care organizer to store diapers, extra clothes, pacifiers and other items, a canopy to look lovely, rolling wheels and sheets. The baby nest is double sided, white on one side and (in our case) rose colored on the other. Since the baby nest does not surround your baby’s bed, it is safe to use. Baby nest helps keep the warmth in the bed. babybay can be used without the baby nest. The rolling wheels are a must in my opinion. They allow me to move my babybay easily throughout the house. I LOVE the look of canopies and love the babybay canopy! The canopy was easy to put together, slips into a couple of holes on top of the babybay and makes it look elegant and beautiful.

babybay comes with a barrier that goes in between baby and your bed. This barrier is there to meet the safety standards of the USA, but is not there on the european model. The barrier is removable, and I suggest using the babybay without the barrier. Using babybay without the barrier is completely safe and is how I have used my babybay.

babybay can hold up to 330 pounds. My toddler (almost 3 years old) wanted to sleep in it and fit! When you are done using babybay as a bedside sleeper you can turn it into a toddler bed, a chair, a desk or (coming soon) a full size crib. My 9 month old baby comfortably sleeps in a babybay. My 3 year old fits in a babybay, but it is not recommend to use this as a bedside sleeper for a toddler.

babybay is made from natural solid beechwood, which is antibacterial and antistatic. babybay uses no wood glue making sure there are no toxic chemicals in your babybay. The baby nest and mattress pads are certified against harmful “textile trust” and are approved with OEKO-TEX standard 100. babybay is certified with JPMA ASTM standards. This means babybay is going above and beyond to make sure their products are safe.

babybay currently comes in four colors, untreated, natural varnish, white and stained. Prices vary but start at $369.99. Buy online and use promo code AABabysWorld30 to receive 30% off preorders. That is an amazing deal! This promo code will expire when babybays are in stock, mid to late February 2016. This promo code applies to all the products in the shop. You can purchase your babybay online here.

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  1. Thank you for this useful review. I am 5 months pregnant and I want to purchase the babybay crib. The total with the mattress, the sheets and mattress protector comes to $609. Do you have any other coupon available because I tried the one you gave but didn’t work (back in stock I guess)?
    Thank you

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