Ruby Ribbon Nursing Cami and Ankle Leggings Review

I have never tried shape wear until now. After my third baby, my body needs a bit of help. Ruby Ribbon is a clothing company that specialize in foundation pieces that are supportive and comfortable. I have heard about Ruby Ribbon before, but since I have been breastfeeding for the past 5 years, I was never able to wear their camis. I am pretty excited to say Ruby Ribbon now has a nursing cami! Along with the nursing cami I also tried the ankle leggings.

The Ruby Ribbon Nursing Cami is a breast feeding shape wear camisole. I have never been able to find a shape wear cami before. The Ruby Ribbon Nursing Cami offers support and compression where I need it most. My breasts are lifted and my tummy is held in. I love that the Ruby Ribbon Nursing Cami can support a wide range of breast size, B up to an H! It is so hard to find good, supportive bras for larger breasts. I am very excited Ruby Ribbon made their Nursing Cami in larger sizes as well! I am a 36 H and my Ruby Ribbon Nursing Cami fits perfectly. Because it is a breastfeeding cami it has clips on each side to allow for easy access when nursing.

The Ruby Ribbon Nursing Cami is a single layer. If you do not like to free the nipple you are going to want to use some Petals, which are designed to cover your nipple. The Ruby Ribbon Nursing Cami is meant to be worn under clothing. I would not wear mine without a shirt on top. It is a replacement for your bra. The Ruby Ribbon Nursing Cami currently comes in two colors, black and pale. I have the pale color. It is perfect under clothing, creates a seamless and slimming look.

The Ruby Ribbon Nursing Cami is made of slick material. I did find I had a bit of trouble wearing some of my pants with my cami. When I was wearing myRuby Ribbon Nursing Cami and my yoga pants that are not tight, my pants kept sliding down while I walked. I did not have any problem when I was wearing jeans or a skirt. When I wore my Cami and my ankle leggings together I did have to put my leggings on first, then my cami. My leggings would not stay up if they were on top of my cami. With my barely walking baby pulling on my pants, I want to make sure those stay up! I did not have any problems with my cami staying down. My cami never rode up my body, never bunched. It stayed where it was meant to be and was comfortable all day long.

I love leggings. I live in them. They are a staple in my wardrobe. My Ruby Ribbon Ankle Leggings are comfortable and slimming! It does not get better than that! I can wear them with a dress, with a shirt, with a tunic. I can dress them up or down. The Ruby Ribbon Ankle Leggings are so comfortable, they are a staple for every wardrobe!

I was unsure about my sizing and was torn between a L and XL. I received the XL and while they fit, they are a tad too long. If you are in between sizes, I would suggest going down a size. The waistband is comfortable. It goes to just below my belly button. This helps hide my post belly belly. I can wear them all day and still be comfortable. The compression is enough to help shape my belly without feeling uncomfortable or hurting.

Washing Ruby Ribbon pieces are pretty easy. Machine wash cold and lay flat to dry. I found my Cami dried overnight. You can purchase your Ruby Ribbon Nursing Cami online for $89. You can purchase your Ruby Ribbon Ankle Leggings online for $59. You can purchase your Petals online for $15.


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