Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow Review

I LOVE laying on my stomach. Now that I am 27 weeks pregnant this is almost impossible to do. My belly is too big and I do not want to squish baby. I was excited to try the┬áCozy Bump Pregnancy… Continue Reading

Breastfeeding While Pregnant

Baby Sister is almost 22 months old. She breastfeeds. Bunny, now 4 years old, self weaned a little after her third birthday. She nursed during my pregnancy with Baby Sister and they tandem nursed for 8-9 months. Nursing while pregnant… Continue Reading

Twenty Four Weeks Pregnant VIABILITY!

Twenty four weeks! That means viability! Viability means baby has a chance of surviving outside the womb, with a TON of help. But, typically, at 24 weeks doctors will fight to keep baby alive! Hopefully nothing happens and this baby… Continue Reading