Baby Comfy Gummi Teething Jewelry by BabyComfyCare Review

Anyone who has held a baby knows babies grab whatever is near them. Most of the time that ends up being my necklace. Since Baby Sister is going to grab my necklace I decided to wear a necklace that is… Continue Reading

Teething Bling Necklace and Bracelet Review AND Giveaway!

Every mama needs some bling. Unfortunately, babies tend to grab and pull on that bling, which can ruin your bling and create a choking hazard. Bunny broke a few of my necklaces before she was six months old! Teething Bling is a… Continue Reading

Mello & Co Nawgum Teether Review AND Giveaway

Bunny is currently getting her four back molars, which commonly come in around 2 years old. This makes for a very unhappy Bunny and an unhappy Mama. I have pulled out some of Bunny’s old teething toys but none of… Continue Reading