List Of Kids Foam Sofa/Couch

This list will be updated as so many companies keep popping up. Who was the first foam couch, it is a toss up between blocksy and nugget. Right now, thanks to COVID and Christmas, it is impossible to purchase a foam couch for your kids. BUT you can pre order many of these, which will ship in January or February. Here is the current list in no particular order. These are not rated, simply put in a list.

The Joey by Chew Chew Baby Roo

The Joey is able to be pre ordered in 5 colors, sage green, baby blue, light pink, black and grey. They do have fancy names, but these are the colors. It is a Canadian company so there prices are not USD HOWEVER, they do ship to the US for a minimal fee. $299 CAD translates to $231 USD and shipping is about $31 USD which makes the Joey roughly $262.

The Joey is made up of 5 separate pieces:

  • The Base – Two (connected) pieces of foam with a density of 1.8lb/ft3 and Indentation Load Deflection (ILD – which is a fancy way of measuring firmness) of ~42 for a sturdy, but comfortable base.
  • The Support – Two thinner, connected pieces of foam with a density of 1.5lb/ft3 and ILD of ~33 that let you feel like you’re sitting on a cloud.
  • 2x Wedges – Two triangles that let your imagination run wild. Use them as a backrest, support for forts, or whatever else you can think of! The foam has a density of 1.5lb/ft3 and ILD of ~33.
  • Half-Moon Arm Rest Pillow – What’s a couch without an arm rest? Thankfully, that’s not all this awesome pillow can do. The foam has a density of 1.5lb/ft3 and ILD of ~33.
  • Dimensions:
  • Length: 67″ (5.6 feet) 
  • Depth: 33.5″ (2.75 feet)
  • Seating Height (When Stacked): 9.5″
  • Total height (When Stacked): 22.5″
  • Total Weight: Approx. 14.4kg/31.8lbs

You can pre order your Joey HERE

The Whatsit Kids Foam Sofa

The Whatsit is from Wayfair and I have heard it is flimsy. I have not seen it in action as it has not hit homes yet. It is available for preorder with free shipping and should ship out the beginning of January. The whatsit comes in a two tone set, jade and gray, full gray, gray and yellow, gray and navy blue. At $350, this is the most expensive kids foam sofa I have seen. I am not sure it is worth the price tag.

Overall18.78” H x 28” W x 25” DSeat8” H x 28” W x 25” DFully Reclined Depth – Front to Back50”Weight Capacity300 lb.

You can pre order youe Whatsit HERE


The Blocksy is one of the original foam couches. It is made of waterproof material and is also on backorder. The colors are pink, pewter, baby blue, mint, gray, white, black, red and green. Free shipping in the US which is a plus.

Blocksy is 70” wide, 25” deep, and 19” tall

  • Thick Foldable Cushion: Unfolds to 5” x 25” x 70”. Folds to 10” x 25” x 35”.
  • Thin Foldable Cushion: Unfolds to 3” x 25” x 70”. Folds to 6” x 25” x 35″.
  • Back Cushions (2): 11” tall x 8“ deep x 25” wide.

Blocksy costs $229 and offers free shipping in the US. Once upon a time Blocksy was in stock on Amazon and offered free two day shipping! Those were the days.

You can purchase your Blocksy HERE

The Figgy

The Figgy is a kickstarter, and currently my favorite. Not that I have even touched it, as it hasnt made it into homes yet. The Figgy comes with so many cool features. It has velcro so you can attach pieces, or detach them for more fun. It also comes with a waterproof liner, similar to a mattress protector. AND the bolsters are rectangular, not triangular. I am excited to get my hands on this one. It is on the higher price end, at $299, BUT you do get more features for your money.

Base Cushions: 33x33x4.5

Rectangle: 11x11x22

Wedge: 11x13x22

OEKO-TEX Certification (Coming  Soon!)

We only use CertiPur foam!

Each set is $299 and includes:​

  • Washable, waterproof liners for all cushions
  • 4 thick base cushions, with patent-pending velcro connection system
  • 2 rectangle bolsters
  • 1 washable, cover set
  • Optional ad-on: Wedge $49

You can pre order your Figgy HERE

Kickstarter Page is here


The one that started the hype. They couldn’t keep up with demand and many are upset with the customer service, which is why so many new companies have popped up so suddenly. Nugget is currently on a pre order as well, shipping out between January 1 2021 and June 1, 2021.

Nugget changes their colors frequently, retiring colors and adding colors at random. You never know when a color will be retired or when a new one will pop up. Oh the excitement. Nugget and Blocksy are the only two on this list that have actually shipped and are currently in customers homes. Nugget currently comes in black, navy blue, light gray, dark gray, dark turquoise, rusty red, mustard yellow, sage green, light brown, 3 shades of blue, another lighter rusty red, a light purple and a light pink. Please take a look at the nugget website as their colors are not “true” to the colors I listed. They all have different names like mayberry, submarine, blackbeard, daybreak. Do click on each color to see a few photos in action. Nugget costs $229 and offers free shipping in the US. Nugget does not come with a waterproof liner.

2 triangle pillows

Two Supportive Pillows

They say there’s two sides to every story, but if the story is about our pillows, it has three. Use them for the columns of a coliseum, the hull of a ship, or just a backrest when you need a break in between.

1 soft cushion

One Soft Cushion

The cushion may be the Nugget’s thinnest piece, but without it, wall-climbers and cannonballers would be in for a rough landing. Its squishy and strong, so playroom superheroes can bounce back after big falls — just like the ones on TV.

1 base cushion

One Sturdy Base

No one likes to be on the bottom of the pile. Well, except for the base, that is. Down there it gets to provide stable, reassuring structure to the pieces above.

You can pre order your Nugget HERE


The FortZee is also available for preorder. It currently comes in 4 colors, Deep mauve, light pink, sage green and gray. They do also have fancy pants names, but these are the colors. The FortZee does come with a waterproof liner, which I love. I do not know why a kids play thing like this would come without a washable waterproof liner. Thank you to those companies that are providing this! The FortZee is on the expensive end at $279 and shipping is not free. You do receive the waterproof liner, which does make the cost go up. You can currently purchase the BARE FortZee right now for $249. I have heard the Nugget covers DO fit the FortZee, which you would need as this does not come with a cover. The BARE FortZee is $249 plus shipping.

Each FortZee Includes:

  • (2) Square Base Layers
  • (2) Square Mid Layers
  • (2) Triangle Pillows
  • Waterproof Zippered Liners
  • Washable Microfiber Covers

Round 1 anticipated ship date:  12/15-1/10.  
Round 2 anticipated ship date:  1/10-2/15

The Fortzee is 33″ in depth and 66″ length.

The Seat is 8.75″ from the ground, and it’s 22.25″ high to the top of the pillows.

You can pre order your FortZee HERE


This list is not in order of preference, of greatness, or anything really. I DO have 2 of these products, and I do anticipate having 2-3 more of them in hand ASAP. I will do a comparison video, or multiple videos, so you can really see which one(s) are great for your family. I hope this has been helpful. I will update the list as new companies pop up 🙂 Happy Holidays!

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