Building and Imagining with Brackitz Inventor Set A Review

I love open ended toys. If a toy gets my child thinking and imagining, it is a great toy. Brackitz does just that and more. Brackitz are unique connect anywhere building toys. Brackitz consists of planks, 4 way connectors, 3 way connectors… Continue Reading

Louie the Leprechaun Stuffed Toy and Book Review

St. Patricks day is on its way! The only way I celebrated St. Patricks day when I was young was by wearing green. Louie the Leprechaun Stuffed Toy and Book is a fun, new way to celebrate St. Patricks day!  Louie the… Continue Reading

Cherished Moments Sterling Silver Jewelry and Accessories Review

I love jewelry that has been in the family for generations. Unfortunately I do not have many pieces that fit this description. I would love to pass on jewelry to my children and often look for timeless pieces that would… Continue Reading

Personalized Piggy Banks Review

Piggy banks are a fun way to teach children about saving money. Personalized Piggy Banks are an even better way to get your child interested in saving their money. Personalized Piggy Banks specializes in piggy banks you can customize to your… Continue Reading