Breastfeeding While Pregnant

Baby Sister is almost 22 months old. She breastfeeds. Bunny, now 4 years old, self weaned a little after her third birthday. She nursed during my pregnancy with Baby Sister and they tandem nursed for 8-9 months. Nursing while pregnant… Continue Reading

Twenty Three Weeks Pregnant

One week from reaching viability! I am so excited! No new symptoms. My pelvis is feeling MUCH better. I had a doctors appointment the other day which is the only time I weigh myself. I have gained 3 pounds this… Continue Reading

Twenty One Weeks Pregnant

21 weeks already! Not too much has changed from last week. I am feeling baby move ALL THE TIME. I love it! This is my favorite part of pregnancy, feeling baby move and looking pregnant. I┬ástill don’t have a name… Continue Reading