Thirty Eight Weeks Pregnant

Only two weeks left! Since both of my previous pregnancies ended before 40 weeks I am assuming this one will too. Who knows, he could surprise me and stay in past 40 weeks! I am feeling pretty good. Big and lots of pressure on my uterus. I feel like baby is going to punch his way out! No braxton hicks. I have never felt any with all three of my pregnancies. I am tired a lot now, with this heavy load to carry. Moving around is SO HARD! I want baby to stay in as long as he needs, however, I am looking forward to being me again. Having a normal size body again. Being able to get up and down easily and move quickly. Being able to play with my kiddos, go on long walks and hikes. I am very much looking forward to this! I love being pregnant and this is the first pregnancy I have had where I am looking forward to the end! I want to hold my baby and do things! I am looking forward to giving birth again. I am excited to see what happens!


He moves all the time! I am huge!


Sweets. Anything sweet. These delicious doughnuts from a local doughnut shop. I have not given in to this craving much, but I might today!


Moving around! It is getting to be so difficult!

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