Ella Alana Breast Pump Bag Review Gorgeous and Functional!

I recently received a beautiful Ella Alana Breast Pump Bag. Ella Alana Breast Pump Bags are hand made and customizable. There are many different styles and patterns. If you do not see a bag made for your specific breast pump, just ask! You can have your Ella Alana Breast Pump Bag customized perfectly for you and your breast pump.

I received a XS Alana Style Breast Pump Bag with an XS cooler for the Spectra S1. This bag also fits the Spectra S2. The full size bag is 2 inches wider and 1 inch taller. This is a gorgeous bag! My bag is the Keene Pool print with grey/silver lining. The Alana Style Breast Pump Bag is big enough to fit my pump, the cooler, all my accessories and more. I can use this as my carryall to work as well as a breast pump bag. There is enough space for my wallet and other items on the top.

The XS Alana Style Breast Pump Bag has a few compartments. On the inside there is a structured space for the breast pump to reside. This allows the pump to sit upright and not get bounced around with other items. There is a space for the cooler bag, which easily fits 4 bottles. Under the zippered part there is a mesh pocket perfect for tubing. This keeps the tubing from getting damaged and tangled. I set my other pump parts on top of my cooler bag and my wallet on top of the space for the pump. On the outside of the Alana Style Breast Pump Bag there are two side pockets big enough for a bottle, water bottle, keys, phone and more. The top closes with a metal clasp. If you prefer a zipper there is that option as well! The shoulder strap is adjustable and very comfortable.

The XS Alana Style Breast Pump Bag has feet on the bottom to keep it from getting dirty.

The XS Alana Style Breast Pump Bag is a beautiful bag. I love how it is set up perfectly for a breast pump. Everything is organized and contained. This makes it easy to pump efficiently without wasting time getting everything out and setting it up. I love that the XS Alana Style Breast Pump Bag does not scream breast pump bag. It is stylish and can be used for years to come. Once the pumping season is over I will use this as a diaper bag. I am not sure if I will take out the structures inside or leave them in. I love being organized, especially inside of my diaper bag. The space for the pump is perfect for diapers, wipes and extra clothes.

You can purchase your XS Alana Style Breast Pump Bag, customized or ready to ship, at the online Etsy shop. Click here to visit the Etsy shop EllaAlana. Breast pump bags start at $85. Follow EllaAlana on Facebook and receive 10% off your purchase with coupon code FBLIKE!


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