12 Weeks Pregnant

Another week has gone by. This pregnancy seems to be flying by already. I have not started a journal, other than this one. I almost feel bad. For my three other pregnancies I journaled. It was less for each pregnancy, but still. The effort was there. This time, there are too many things to get done and the journal is not even on the list! I am sorry baby number 5! I am still nauseated all the time. I don’t want to eat ever. I do hope I start to feel better soon. I am starting to show. I love having a round belly. It is not super round yet, I still look overweight and not pregnant, but it is getting there. I am excited to find out if this baby is a boy or a girl! We should have our test results soon!


I am nursing my baby throughout the day and night. So far so good. My milk supply has not taken a dip yet. I do not anticipate having any issues nursing throughout my pregnancy. I breastfed both my older girls throughout my second and third pregnancies. Hopefully this one goes well too!



What do you think?