Zubels Knit Cotton Dolls Review

Zubels is a company that offers traditional, eco-friendly, hand knit toys, quality gifts, accessories and apparel. Zubels has a wide variety of eco friendly, hand knit toys. All Zubels toys are 100% cotton and some are made from organic cotton. Zubels are made for kids of all ages. Because everything is hand knitted, Zubels is perfect and safe for infants and babies. There are no small pieces to worry about falling, or getting bitten, off and choked on. Zubels uses eco-friendly low-impact dyes and are hand stuffed which make them extra huggable! Because of this, each doll is unique and has its own personality!


Bunny received a Zubels Santa’s Little Elf (Boy). Santa’s Little Elf comes in two sizes, a seven inch rattle and a fourteen inch doll. Santa’s Little Elf also comes as a girl, the only difference is the girl has braids. Zubels Santa’s Little Elf has hand knitted eyes, nose and a mouth. This makes it a wonderful present for babies and toddlers. Zubels Santa’s Little Elf is super adorable! Bunny loves to play with Zubels Santa’s Little Elf. He is soft and utterly huggable. Zubels Santa’s Little Elf has amazing detail and is a toy to be treasured for generations. Zubels Santa’s Little Elf would make a great gift but is also a great size to be used as a stocking stuffer.

Baby Sister received Zubels Lil’ Dimples Snowman. Zubels Lil’ Dimples Snowman is four inches tall and is super cute! Zubels Lil’ Dimples Snowman is the perfect size for Baby Sister (7 months old). Zubels Lil’ Dimples Snowman is made to have a bumpier texture, whereas Zubels Santa’s Little Elf is super soft and smooth. The bumpy texture on Zubels Lil’ Dimples Snowman is perfect for infants a toddlers. The texture on Zubels Lil’ Dimples Snowman is great for sensory play as well as teething. Baby Sister loves to chew on her Zubels Lil’ Dimples Snowman. Because Zubels Lil’ Dimples Snowman is hand crocheted it is perfectly safe for babies to teeth on. The eyes, nose, mouth and buttons are all crocheted into the body and pose no danger to baby. Zubels Lil’ Dimples Snowman has a loop on the back which is perfect for clipping onto the stroller or even a keychain! Take Zubels Lil’ Dimples Snowman with you wherever you go! Zubels Lil’ Dimples Snowman is the perfect stocking stuffer. You could also tie Zubels Lil’ Dimples Snowman onto a present as a decoration to make the present extra special!

You can wash your Zubels Santa’s Little Elf and Zubels Lil’ Dimples Snowman by hand with warm water using a gentle detergent. To dry you roll in a towel to soak up the extra moisture and lay flat until dry. I normally don’t like to hand wash anything, but Zubels are super easy to wash and don’t take very long to dry! I do not mind washing my Zubels by hand.

Zubels Santa’s Little Elf online for $25 and Zubels Lil’ Dimples Snowman online for $11. Zubels is having a black Friday sale! Use promo code SM25 to receive 25% off everything!

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