Zahler Prenatal DHA Multivitamins Review

Prenatal vitamins are very important during pregnancy. One should start taking prenatal vitamins when trying to conceive. They are great to take when breastfeeding as well. There are so many prenatal vitamins out there it is hard to know which one to buy. I was introduced to Zahler Prenatal vitamins and happily recommend them.

When looking for a prenatal vitamin I personally look for a smaller pill. When you are nauseated the last thing you want to do is swallow a HUGE pill daily. Zahler Prenatal vitamins are on the smaller side, which is GREAT for morning sickness. I am not in the morning sickness stage anymore, thank goodness, but I still detest having to take a huge pill. Zahler Prenatal vitamins are small and easy to swallow. They are gentle on my stomach and have not caused me any issues. Some prenatal vitamins will upset my stomach, some make you constipated. Zahler Prenatal vitamins has not upset my stomach or my bowels at all. This is a MUST in any prenatal vitamin! I have taken my Zahler Prenatal vitamins on an empty stomach, on a full stomach, and anywhere in between with no ill effects.

I also love that the Zahler Prenatal vitamins include DHA. There is not a separate pill to take, the DHA is included in every pill. You do need to take 2 pills per day, but that has not been an issue with me. Zahler Prenatal vitamins have 300mg of DHA in every servings.

Zahler Prenatal vitamins also have a natural folate instead of a synthetic folic acid. This is important as some bodies can not digest the synthetic folic acid as well. Folate aids in baby’s brain and spinal development. When trying to conceive this is a vitamin you should take immediately. Folate is the most important vitamin for baby to receive before a woman knows she is pregnant.

I LOVE that Zahler Prenatal vitamins has no scent to it. Some prenatal vitamins have a terrible scent which makes them even harder to swallow. Even though Zahler Prenatal vitamins are a soft gel and include DHA in them, they do not smell of fish, as many DHA supplements typically do. I have not had fishy burps either, which is fantastic! There is nothing I hate more than burping fish oil. Yuck!

Zahler Prenatal vitamins come in a foil packet, 6 packets per each 1 month supply. This is nice because if you are traveling you can take a few packets instead of an entire bottle of vitamins. This also keeps them fresh and allows the expiration date to be farther out than most prenatal vitamins. I received my Zahler Prenatal vitamins last month, March 2017, and they do not expire until August of 2019. I will definitely be done with these vitamins by then!

Zahler Prenatal vitamins are gluten free and do not contain any artificial dyes or additives. I have recently started cutting out red dye in as much of our food as possible. I did not realize this dye was in a lot of supplements as well. I am glad to know Zahler Prenatal vitamins do not contain any dyes, especially red dye.

Zahler Prenatal vitamins are made in the USA. I love supporting products and companies that support and offer jobs to those in our country.

Zahler Prenatal vitamins come in a few different packaging sizes. There is the one month supply for $32.47, a two month supply for $39.49 and a three month supply for $87.72. You can purchase any of the Zahler Prenatal vitamins packages on Amazon with free prime shipping! Not a prime member? Start an Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial.

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