Why You Need 3 Different Carriers For Your New Baby

I wear my babies from the first day they are born. Okay maybe not that early, but they are skin on skin immediately and I try to hold them as much as I can. When I need both my hands, and with older children to care for I definitely need my hands, I end up wearing my babies. Not all newborn baby carriers are the same. I feel it is really important to give your newborn the support they need. This is because newborns are healthiest staying on their backs until around 6 months of their life. See Bestforparents.co.uk for more information. I think every mom needs three carriers. One for the newborn stage (day 1 to about 3-4 months), one for the little baby stage, pre sitting up (3-7 months) and one for baby to toddler stage (sitting to the weight limit of the carrier). Once baby is a toddler and has outgrown the baby carrier but still wants to be carried you would need a toddler carrier. But not everyone gets to that stage so we will focus on the first three carriers today. Click here to see a full review of Nesting Days and VIJA Designs.

For the newborn stage I strongly feel one should not use a soft structured carrier with a newborn insert such as Tula, Lilebaby, Ergo and so forth. Baby is super tiny and needs specific support. While infant inserts offer some support, there are better options. I highly suggest the Nesting Days Carrier or VIJA Design Skin-to-Skin Kangaroo Care T-Shirt. Vija Designs is a t shirt that is also a baby carrier and comes in many different sizes, colors and shapes. There are shirts designed for men to baby wear. There are long sleeve, short sleeve or no sleeve. This allows you to wear baby next to your skin. I loved to wear my diapered baby around the house skin to skin in this shirt. When we were out and about it was a great way to keep my clothed baby next to me. With a winter baby this was great to keep baby extra warm. I found my Vija Designs shirt lasted until my baby was about 3 months old. She was born at 10 pounds, so a smaller baby might last longer in this shirt. The Nesting Days carrier is something you can wear alone or on top of clothing. I was able to use this carrier until 4 or so months. Again, the size of your baby may allow for longer use. With Nesting Days I could wear baby skin on skin or clothed.

(left to rightVIJA Designs and Nesting Days)

Once baby outgrows these carriers I highly recommend using a sling or wrap. If a wrap is intimidating, Baby K’tan ORIGINAL Baby Carrier is a great carrier. It is similar to a wrap but takes less practice to get used to it. You can also use a sling, wrap or K’tan from birth. This would eliminate the need for a newborn carrier but if you have the money to buy one of the newborn carries mentioned above I highly suggest it. It is money well spent and you will not regret it! These carriers give baby the extra support they need without using an infant insert. These carriers allow baby to be in the perfect position to support their spine, neck and head comfortably. Some of the wraps I have used and reviewed are the Happy Wrap and the ACK Wrap. Click on the names to see the full review. Purchase your Baby K’tan ORIGINAL Baby Carrier here, your ACK Wrap here and your Happy Wrap Organic Baby Carrier here. All wraps seem to be similar, the difference being length and texture.

(Left to right Baby K’tan ORIGINAL Baby Carrier ,ACK Wrap, Happy Wrap Organic Baby Carrier)

If you still plan on using a soft structured carrier (ssc) with a newborn insert, here are some tips. Please NEVER use a ssc with a newborn WITHOUT using some kind of newborn support for them.

Once baby can sit up on their own you are now able to use a soft structured carrier without a newborn insert. Please do NOT use a ssc without a newborn insert until baby can fully support their head and sit up on their own. There are many different baby carriers on the market. I personally do not think one is better than the other. I love many aspects of each carrier and wish I could combine these aspects to make the perfect carrier. Some of the carriers I have reviewed are Olives and Applesauce, Tula and Lillebaby. Find the carrier that fits your baby and your body. Purchase LILLEbaby here and Tula here.

Olives and Applesauce

(Left to right LILLEbaby, Tula, Olives and Applesauce)

I highly suggest checking out your local baby wearing group on Facebook. To do this search on Facebook “Babywearing International” and your closest major city. Search under groups and you should find one. Babywearing groups have a large variety of baby carriers, slings and wraps. You can try them on and even rent them for a week or two to see if it is the right carrier for you. My main advice is, do not fall into the trap of THIS is the best carrier. Everyone has an opinion. Find which carrier works for YOU. The goal of babywearing is for both mom and baby to be comfortable. If you are most comfortable in a brand nobody has heard of, go for it! Do not let a brand be the reason you buy the carrier.







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  1. I loved wearing my babies! They are so comfortable and snuggled up it’s wonderful. I never mastered the back carries though, I think you do need a variety of carriers to see you through.

  2. These all look nice. I personally didn’t babywear because I felt a tad stifled. I’m all about personal space, but I know lots of people love it!

  3. Man, this takes me back. My oldest daughter was pretty independent right from the beginning and didn’t need all that much holding. Of course, I held her all the time, but she was cool with laying alone in a swing or bouncy seat whenever I needed my hands or my space. My youngest, however, was very clingy (at seven, she still is) and loved being carried in a sling all the way up until she was around three. Some days I think she’d still try it if she thought it would work.

  4. II am worried about the breathing of the babies. Anyways, it looks great carrying the baby without hurting your arms and you can be able to carry them outdoor all the time.

  5. ‘Wearing your baby’ like you say is soooo handy. I did it with mine and it frees up your hands so you can do other things too. I also found that it calms a baby to be close to the mom or dad.

  6. These look like great carriers. Neither of my children were fans of carriers when they were babies. The best one that we could find that they liked was a backpack where they sat up quite high! Was hard to wear but it kept them quiet!

  7. With my twins I was able to use a carrier for my son but, my daughter… nope, just nope, she hated them. She stayed in her car seat when we went places. My youngest son I just carried, it was easier in the end. I wish they had the wrap around one when I had them. Everyone says such wonderful things about them. Ah the memories 🙂

  8. I do a lot of baby showers (cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, etc) and I always like to bring a little gift. Your guide was so helpful in helping me decide on gift ideas! I had never even heard of the Kangaroo Care T-Shirt (and I definitely didn’t know there was one for men also)! How neat!?!

  9. I wish these things were available when my children were babies. It would have been so convenient. I believe my daughter has two carriers. She also believes skin to skin contact is soothing for the baby.

  10. I only had the structured carrier. I really wish that I had gotten the Nesting Days one because I love the idea of the skin to skin. My girls were such big babies and they grew so fast, I couldn’t wear them for long before my back was acting up. Love all the information.

  11. I wish they had wraps when my babies were little. My oldest son (now 14) was a really fussy baby. If I only knew then what I know now!! Love the “wearing baby” idea!

  12. I never had a kangaroo shirt, but dang it I wish I would have had it! We had a regular stretch boba and then a lillie baby. I loved my lillie baby until I put my back out one day. Then I didn’t like any carrier 😛

  13. I’ve never had a baby so these are all something new to me, but I find them all super cool especially that of Vija Designs. The skin-to-skin kangaroo care shirt must be super durable for it to be able to carry a baby. I also like that it still looks super fashionable.

  14. i have a friend who wrote a book and sell about baby wraps, they have a big group back in malaysia who wraps their babies and totallly adorable. wish it was that easy for me to know this before when my daughter was still a baby

  15. I had so much trouble with my sons baby carrier. I know I will be going in store next time to try on different ones. As the one I had di not fit comfortably what so ever.

  16. I never used a carrier when mine was little, infact i dont think there was that well known back then. My friends daughter came round not so long ago and she had one and they do like really good. It would of helped me loads through the screaming when ever i put them down stage!

  17. I never had a baby carrier for my first 4 children (years ago) but the last one I did and it was nothing like these! There are so many awesome options for parents nowadays for ultimate flexibility.

  18. Those baby carriers look pretty convenient. Some of my friends and family use the cloth wraps to carry their babies but it kind of seems like a lot of workj so I reckon these would be easier.

  19. It was so convenient to have carriers when the twins were born! I think these are all awesome! They’re definitely perfect!

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