What my Kids Really Want for Christmas

Christmas is coming up and I have been thinking a lot about what my babies would like. People want gift ideas and even ask my almost 3 year old what she wants. Her answer? “I don’t know.” Toys would be great, but below are the things my 8 month old and almost 3 year old truly want. These are their daily wants.  We’ll start with the 8 month old.


Q-Tips. Clean or dirty, doesn’t matter either way.



Dog toys. Apparently those dog treats are the tastiest things ever!



The cords to the baby monitor and phone charger.



Wrapping paper. Doesn’t have to be on a package, balled up works too!



Her sister’s shoes. She has the most sparkly shoes. She loves to play with these and eat them, especially the dirty bottom sole.



One of these. She’s not sure what it is, but she wants it!




If my 3 year old knew about Santa, this would be her Christmas list.

Dear Santa,

I want anything and everything my baby sister has.


An almost 3 year old big sister.


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