What Is In My Hospital Bag?

Baby time is getting closer! I finally decided to pack my hospital bag. We are planning on a home birth so if we do go to the hospital it is because things are not going quite right. What I have in my bag is mainly for immediate birth and postpartum, not a whole lot of laboring items. My main focus is comfort. I had a hospital birth with my first child, read more about that HERE, and I WAY OVER PACKED! I think we had a carry on rolling suitcase, a birth ball, and another bag or two. It was craziness. Even more crazy was I barely used any of that stuff. So this time I have packed what I think I will need instead of everything and the kitchen sink! Every item will have a link attached to its name in case you are interested in learning more about it or purchasing it. Click on the item and a new window should pop up with a link to buy it on Amazon.

Essential oils in my bag are lavender, clary sage, peppermint, myrrh, frankincense and do-terra balance. I have at least one chapstick in my bag, I love chapstick! My personal products are Prenatal Vitamins (I take these all throughout breastfeeding), Lotion, happy mama spray (Earth Mama Morning Wellness Spray), nipple balm (Natural Nipple Butter Nursing Cream), Nipple Creamdeodorantlactation teaEarth Mama Angel Baby Body Wash & Shampoo Earth Mama Angel Baby LotionEarth Mama Angel Baby Oil, postpartum recovery spray (this one is no longer sold, here is the link to Earth Mama New Mama Bottom Spray), hair tiesOrganic Milkmaid Tea . Add on a tooth brush and toothpaste because you always need those! A razor and my favorite pair of tweezers. And a hairbrush. Because every woman needs a hairbrush. You can buy a bundle of the Earth Mama lotion, body wash, baby oil and baby bottom balm all together in the Earth Mama a Little Something for Baby Kit.

For clothing I have my home made hospital gown, Pretty Pushers hospital gown, fuzzy socksnursing sleep bras, soft stretchy pants, black dress/nursing gown, flow-y dress, nursing shirt,VIJA Designs baby wearing shirt. My bag is the Marc By Marc Jacobs Core Pretty Elizababy Shoulder Bag. They do not sell it in pink anymore though.

I have reviewed a few of these products if you are interested in learning more about them. What is in your hospital bag?

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