What Is In My Hospital Bag? 2.0

The third trimester is here! I am planning a home birth and hope to stay away from the hospital. In case we have to transfer to the hospital, I do have a bag packed. With my first baby I had a hospital birth that ended up being a c section. You can read about that HERE. I WAY overpacked for that hospital stay. I had a rolling carry on suitcase AND one or two more bags. PLUS my birth ball. I did not use 90% of what was in those bags, which is why this bag is packed lightly. In my bag are items for after baby is born. The only thing I have really used during birth is my birth ball and my birth tub. Those and my husband are all I need to give birth. What is in my bag is mainly what I will need for the postpartum period. If you know what YOU need for birth, make sure to pack that.

You can watch the video with all the items here


In my birth bag I have

  • a hair brush
  • chaptstick
  • hair ties
  • lotion
  • a tooth brush
  • ear buds and charger
  • phone charger

For Baby

  • a onsie
  • pair of pants
  • pajama
  • swaddle blanket
  • might possibly grab a stack of cloth diapers

Clothing for me

A couple of items that were in my bag but somehow made their way out of it are

You can see what was in my hospital bag for my last pregnancy here. I have trimmed it down even more this time 🙂 Funny enough I am using the same bag this time around. This bag is no longer sold on Amazon, but any larger size bag will do!

What do you think?