Visitors After A New Baby: A Few Helpful Tips From Me

Everyone loves to visit a new mom and a new baby. Here are a few helpful tips from me. Every mom is a new mom after she gives birth, even if its her 6th baby.

Don’t forget about the new mom. When there is a new baby around, it is very easy to forget about the new mom. New mom has just given birth and needs some love too! The best thing visitors could bring me after Bunny was born was food! Especially in the hospital. My sister called before every meal to see if My Love and I needed any food. Of course we always said yes! If you don’t want to bring a meal or can’t afford a meal, bring a snack instead! A smoothie, some chocolate, these are about the same price as flowers or a balloon, if not cheaper. Someone once bought me a toddler hand casting kit and I was so overjoyed! Thoughtful gifts go a long way with new moms – trust me! The new parents will be super happy and grateful for the snack and the thought that went behind it.


Keep your visits short and sweet. Try to keep your visits to twenty minutes or less. The nursing new mom has a short window of time to visit. New mom is most likely tired. Nursing a newborn is a big feat! It takes (for me at least) a lot of skin to skin and a lot of time. When baby is hungry, the breasts come out. A new mom might not be comfortable nursing her new baby in front of you just yet. When I had Bunny we did skin to skin constantly. I wore only a bra on my top half and Bunny was in just a diaper. When people came to the door unexpectedly, they always had to wait outside for a minute while I got dressed.

Don’t expect to hold the newborn. New mom carried this baby for 9 ish months and isn’t quite ready to give the baby up yet! I know I wasn’t I wasn’t ready to pass Bunny off to every visitor. Not only did I want to hold her 24/7 but she was also born in winter, right in the middle of cold and flu season. I did not want everyone holding her because I was afraid she would get sick. Some new moms ask you to wash or sanitize your hands before you hold their baby. Don’t be offended! New mom is a worry wort just like me. 🙂


Out of town visitors who are staying with new mom to help should be helpful! If you are staying with new mom for a few days or a week, be helpful! I know a new baby is wonderful and squishy and you want to hold him or her. But there are so many other things you can do that would be more helpful to new mom. Do the dishes, the laundry, vacuum, cook dinner. If baby is crying and new mom needs to use the restroom, shower, eat or take a nap, by all means, hold new baby! But if new mom and new baby are perfectly content being together, try to be helpful elsewhere. I had a c-section with Bunny and could not do anything without being in pain. My father in law was wonderful! When he came to visit us he did dishes every single day, cleaned our microwave and stove, cooked dinner, and so much more! I didn’t want him to leave! Be the guest new mom loves and hates to see leave.

What helpful tips do you have for visitors? What did you love and what did you dislike?

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