Utterly Yours Breast Pillow Review

Breast-feeding should be easy right? For some it is, but for others breast-feeding is a learned art. For those of us with bigger breasts sometimes breast-feeding can be difficult. I know I have to hold my breasts for my newborns. Baby Sister is 4 months old and I am still holding my breast for her. It is awkward and tiresome to always hold my breast while nursing. Utterly Yours Breast Pillow lifts up my breast up and allows me to have my hand free.


Utterly Yours Breast Pillow lifts and supports my breast. Utterly Yours Breast Pillow holds my breast in place, allowing my breast to be at the optimal position for nursing. Utterly Yours Breast Pillow is geared toward larger breasted women (cup size C and above). I know one of my biggest complaints when I first started my breastfeeding journey was having to hold my breasts to get Bunny to latch.

To use the Utterly Yours Breast Pillow you simply hold the pillow in the palm of your hand, compress with your thumb and fingers, position it at the underside of your breast and release. I like to lift my breast up when positioning the Utterly Yours Breast Pillow. Once you release the Utterly Yours Breast Pillow pillow, it will return to its original shape, lifting and supporting your breast.

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I highly suggest the Utterly Yours Breast Pillow for every mom who has larger breasts. When I was seeing a lactation consultant every few days with breastfeeding issues, she suggested rolling up a baby blanket and putting it under my breast. I tried that a few times but it never worked very well. Once I found and started using the Utterly Yours Breast Pillow, I never tried the baby blanket again. The Utterly Yours Breast Pillow is a much needed breast feeding item! There are so many different pillows meant to support your arms and/or baby while nursing. Utterly Yours Breast Pillow is the only pillow meant to support your breast.

You can use Utterly Yours Breast Pillow in conjunction with a nursing pillow. Utterly Yours Breast Pillow offers support for your breasts. Utterly Yours Breast Pillow is soft against my skin and has a removable, washable cover. The cover is machine washable and easy to take off and put back on. The Utterly Yours Breast Pillow is made with eco friendly memory foam which is hypo allergenic and pollutant free.

You can purchase your Utterly Yours Breast Pillow online for $24.95. This includes an  Utterly Yours Breast Pillow and one cover. You can purchase additional covers for $11.95. There are a few sizes to choose from and the  Utterly Yours Breast Pillow is not returnable or exchangeable once used, so be sure to measure and order the correct size.

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