Unicorn Party Ideas and Free Unicorn Bingo, Pin The Horn On The Unicorn Download

My daughter is obsessed with unicorns. Luckily Target’s dollar spot is also obsessed with unicorns. We recently had her unicorn birthday party. 99% of the items came from Target, and most of those items came from the dollar spot! I must say, I am not a Pinterest Mom. We had a wonderful party and my baby was happy. Everything was not perfect, but it was fun!

My daughter loves arts and crafts. Finding arts and crafts that are unicorn related is difficult. I was able to find a few. Target’s dollar spot has a 6 pack of unicorns perfect for coloring. The dollar spot also had shrinkable unicorn coloring crafts. You color the unicorn then bake it in the oven for a few minutes.

Target has some amazing unicorn party decorations. Tablecloth, plates, straws, napkins.  Also available to purchase  are unicorn headbands, rainbow party hats and a banner that says, “You Are Magical”.

I wanted to have a game or two for the kids to play. I had a hard time finding unicorn games so I made a couple. First we have pin the horn on the unicorn! Here is a unicorn game that matches the party supplies! There are 10 unicorn horns. I printed this out on card stock paper and cut out the horns. The download is not a perfect image, but it matches and that is what mattered most to me!

Our second game was unicorn bingo. I had the kids place markers on the bingo spaces. You can use candy, markers, anything! There are 6 different bingo cards  and 16 bingo spaces.

You can download the unicorn bingo and the pin the horn on the unicorn game for free!

FREE Unicorn Bingo Download PDF

FREE Pin The Horn On The Unicorn Download PDF

You can click the images below to find these items on Target.com. Have a magical unicorn party!

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