Undercover Mama Nursing Shirt Review

Nursing clothes are a necessity when breastfeeding and/or pumping. Nobody wants to expose their belly when nursing in public or pumping at work. Some women can fit into their pre pregnancy shirts shortly after birth and don’t want to purchase a whole new wardrobe for nursing. The Undercover Mama is the perfect staple item for all nursing and pumping mamas.

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Undercover Mama is a tank that does not have straps. Instead, the Undercover Mama attaches to your nursing bra! This means the Undercover Mama can be worn under ANY shirt! You do not have to buy a whole new wardrobe when using the Undercover Mama.

Undercover Mama tank is 95% cotton and 5% spandex. This combination gives a soft, stretchy and supportive feel. Undercover Mama gives me a little extra support in my belly area, and what mom doesn’t love a little extra support?

Undercover Mama currently comes in 15 awesome colors! I was able to try the pink and love (and want) so many other colors!

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Undercover Mama has a sizing chart and also suggests wearing one size below what you normally wear. So a size medium mama would want to buy a size small Undercover Mama. Personally, I don’t like my breasts to be held too snug. I can’t stand when they touch. Because of this, I prefer to wear the size I normally wear, so a medium shirt and a medium Undercover Mama. This works perfectly for me, giving me support without squishing them together 🙂 Undercover Mama does offer free exchanges so don’t be afraid to try the smaller size! Undercover Mama is supposed to fit snugly to give a seamless look under any shirt.

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Undercover Mama works by attaching to your nursing bra clasps. There are two ways to attach Undercover Mama to your nursing bra clasps, the bra hook or the circular loop. The attach your Undercover Mama using the bra hook you simply slip the bra hook into the space below the nursing bra clasp, where the bra is sewn onto the clasp. To use the circular you need to unclasp your nursing bra then slide the circular loop over the clasp and onto the fabric underneath it. Re clasp your nursing bra and you are ready to go!

With the bra hook clasp. NOTE: you do NOT wear a shirt underneath Undercover mama. I am wearing one so I am not nude 🙂

I prefer the circular loop because I feel like it is more secure and easier to use. I also feel like the circular loop is less bulky on my nursing bra. Either way works well, it is a matter of personal preference.

With the circular loop.

When wearing my Undercover Mama I am confident my belly won’t be exposed. I can wear any shirt I would like! I also like to wear my Undercover Mama with nursing shirts that show a little too much cleavage. I am not terribly fond of nursing tanks but sometimes need a little extra fabric to cover my cleavage. The Undercover Mama allow me to cover myself while being comfortable and without adding bulk.

I can wear my Undercover Mama under a sweatshirt, a shirt, a dress, anything! My pre pregnancy and pregnancy wardrobe can now be a nursing wardrobe! I really love how versatile Undercover Mama is. Undercover Mama is also longer than most shirts which gives me coverage when I bend down or over to get my munchkins. I hate exposing my behind and love that Undercover Mama keeps me covered!

You can purchase your Undercover Mama online for $24.99. If you purchase 2 or more you get a discount! Discount is automatically applied at checkout.

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