Twistshake Review – A New Generation of Baby Bottles

Formula feeding can be very messy. The powder, the clumps, the cleanup. I remember having to mix formula and getting clumps. Clumps in the nipple, which result in an unhappy baby because their milk flow has stopped, and clumps on the bottom of the bottle, which make me sad that I didn’t mix it well enough and baby lost some of those nutrients. Not to mention formula feeding on the go. I always used those circles split into three where you put enough formula for three feedings. Most of the time I could get all the formula out, but those times I couldn’t, man was I frustrated!


Twistshake is a baby bottle that was created specifically with formula fed babies, and parents, in mind. Twistshake is a company based in Sweden. Twistshake has 7 parts. While that might seem like a lot, they all do something helpful and specific.


Twistshake has a unique mixer that sits in the top of the bottle. This mixer does just what you think it does! It mixes the baby formula making sure there are no clumps or clogs. Twistshake comes with a powder box with a cap. The powder box is a convenient and easy way to store and pour powdered baby formula. With the wide opening on the powder box, you can be sure all the formula makes it into the baby bottle. The Twistshake bottle is a wide neck bottle with an easy grip design. Pouring powdered baby formula in this bottle is easy peasy! The bottle also retains heat making sure baby’s meal doesn’t get cold. The teat on Twistshake is really nice. I am really drawn to this teat. It looks similar to the breast. The teat is anti colic and has a wide base to allow for a nice latch from baby.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 12.24.09 AM

Twistshake is a great bottle for breastfed babies as well. The powder box can be used to store snacks and treats. You can purchase extra powder boxes for snacks or for formula use. The powder boxes are super handy when formula feeding. The powder boxes attach to each other. When you have used the top powder box, attache it to the bottom of the next one and you’re ready for baby’s next meal!

Twistshake comes in three sizes, 180 ml, 260 ml and 330 ml. Twistshake’s teats come in four sizes, S (0+ months), M (2+ months), L (4+months) and + (6+ months). Twistshake currently comes in 7 great colors which are pink, blue, orange, green, purple, white or peach.

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