Twenty Weeks Pregnant

Half way there! Or less! I can’t believe this baby is half cooked! Only 4 weeks until we reach viability! Which means, heaven forbid, our baby comes early the doctors will do everything they can to save this baby. I am still feeling pretty great. I can’t complain too much! We found out the sex of our baby! We are having a BOY! I am still a little surprised! My Love was in the military and the job he had exposed him to certain chemicals that are said to effect a mans ability to have a boy. He has friends from that job who have all girls. And My Love started losing his hair at 21 due to these chemicals. So we thought it was almost impossible for us to have boys. But here we are with a baby boy! Crazy! We have not even discussed boy names because we were almost certain this was a girl! Bunny has been calling him Tinker Bell! Sorry baby! Now that I know this is a boy I can see the differences in my pregnancies. With my girls my morning sickness was GONE by 14 weeks. With this pregnancy I am still nauseated on and off. With my girls I was EXHAUSTED all the time. To the point of tears if I was not in bed asleep by 8-9pm. And I needed to nap daily. With this baby I have a hard time sleeping and NEVER nap. With my girls I felt amazing after the first trimester. With this baby I have good days and bad days. With my girls I craved sweets. With this baby I am craving meat. With my girls I wanted to eat ALL THE FOOD! With this baby I am rarely hungry.


The pelvic pain is intense. I see a chiropractor every two weeks. At the two week mark I am in pain and need help asap.


Nothing this week. My cravings have vanished.


Work. Making food. Anything that takes brain cells 🙂

What do you think?