Twenty Two Weeks Pregnant

22 Weeks. The days are passing slowly but the weeks are flying by! The insomnia has hit me hard. I am having a very hard time falling asleep and wake up in the middle of the night for a few hours. I am lucky my kids sleep until 8 am most days. But working on 5-6 hours of sleep is killing me. I end up going to bed with them at 8 pm. Belly is getting bigger every day! My belly button is starting to become an outtie. I think I am seeing new stretch marks. It is hard to tell if they are new or just reappearing!


Big belly! I am tired, but that is mainly due to the insomnia. I can not nap, I am not tired during the day. With my girls’ pregnancies I napped daily. With this baby boy I can not nap at all!


Nothing. It is so weird that my cravings come and go! With my girls the cravings were pretty consistent. I also feel like I am full a lot of the time with this baby and that makes it hard to eat. I do not have heart burn but I feel like I am one step away from that.


Parenting. Ha. It is getting tiring to parent some days. But that could be due to their age and not my pregnancy!

What do you think?