Twenty Three Weeks Pregnant

One week from reaching viability! I am so excited! No new symptoms. My pelvis is feeling MUCH better. I had a doctors appointment the other day which is the only time I weigh myself. I have gained 3 pounds this entire pregnancy. Granted I did start this pregnancy 10-15 pounds heavier than with either of my other pregnancies. I think that is the main difference I have noticed between my 2 girl pregnancies and this boy pregnancy. I am not hungry all the time, I am nauseated on and off and I have little to no cravings with this baby. I felt AMAZING with my girls and this pregnancy is kind of blah. I still LOVE being pregnant, but man it is a world of difference!


The insomnia is intense. I can not sleep for very long. My body hurts, or my mind wont settle. It is frustrating because I am SO TIRED but can’t sleep! I wish I could sleep!


The past week or so I have eaten toast with sunflower seed butter, melted chocolate and bananas. But now I am no longer wanting to eat that. Seriously, I want to WANT to eat all the food! I miss enjoying food! Now it is like a chore to eat anything. I want to want to eat everything! Lime has been a really intense great flavor. Chicken with lime on it, chili with lime, water with lime. I am loving the lime taste!


Food. Ugh. I wish I wanted to eat!

What do you think?