Twenty Six Weeks Pregnant

The time is passing by quickly. We are in the process of buying a house and I want to slow down this pregnancy so I can be 100% sure we are in our new house before our baby arrives. Fingers crossed we are in before! I would not like to give birth in our current house, it is small and we have a neighbor who lives above us. I made A LOT of noise during my last birth. I would not like to be in the tiny house with an audience. I am sure our neighbor would not appreciate it either! I am still sick, I can’t seem to shake this head cold. I ate something funny or accumulated a sickness from a relative this week which ended in me throwing up more than I thought was in me! It was terrible but at least once I cleared out my stomach and slept it seemed to go away. The girls and I flew to visit family this week. Flying at 25 weeks pregnant with a 22 month old and a 4 year old while being sick is so not fun. But that part is over and now we can enjoy our family! It was much better than a long car ride that is for sure!


Insomnia is still going strong. I am feeling baby move consistently at certain times. A few of my family members have been able to feel him move. Super neat! My husband is not a fan of baby moving, he says it’s like an alien. So I am excited for my family to feel because they are excited!


Nothing this week.


Throwing up! Ha. Traveling I was able to smell a lot of different scents. It was not fun. Strong scents area bother right now.

What do you think?