Twenty Seven Weeks Pregnant

Will the sickness ever end?!? I feel like I have been sick for 8 months! It has nothing to do with being pregnant and everything to do with moving to a new place. I got over one sickness and came down with another. Being sick while pregnant is HARD! On top of body aches and pains now I can’t breath at night. I miss sleep. Hopefully I will feel better soon. Visiting relatives is so much fun but so exhausting! For a few nights I was OUT! I slept so well because my body was so worn out! We are living in a rental home right now so I can not really nest. While visiting relatives I painted 4 rooms. WHEW! The first room was fun. The second room was still fun. The third and fourth room were much less fun. Why do we have the urge to nest when we can barely bend over! By the end of the week my finger muscles hurt from painting. I will never attempt to paint more than one room again while pregnant. I guess that is why there is only one baby’s room! Only one room to paint, decorate and nest in!


This baby is moving like crazy! My niece was able to feel him move and she thought it was amazing! It is neat to be able to share this fun experience with my family.


I have had cravings but they only last a day or two. I was able to eat In N Out three times while visiting relatives. YUM! This is my main craving but since we do not live near an In N Out I do not get to eat it often.


Hard beds! The bed here is much firmer than my bed at home. This has made it more difficult to sleep. I wake every morning with an achy body. I can not wait to get back to my own soft bed!

What do you think?