Twenty One Weeks Pregnant

21 weeks already! Not too much has changed from last week. I am feeling baby move ALL THE TIME. I love it! This is my favorite part of pregnancy, feeling baby move and looking pregnant. I still don’t have a name picked out for this baby. We do not have any names we love. We try not to give our children common names. We love traditional yet unpopular names, which makes it difficult!

I am breastfeeding Baby Sister who is 21 months old. My supply seems to be very low if there is anything there. Baby Sister does not mind. She nurses often during the day. Luckily she has stopped nursing at night and is sleeping through the night, YES! I am finally able to get a bit of sleep at night. I do wake up often to pee, and sometimes have a hard time falling back to sleep. Pregnancy insomnia is very real with this pregnancy. I never experienced insomnia with my other two pregnancies. I wonder if it is a boy pregnancy thing!


HUGE belly! My belly button is starting to come out to say hi to the world. My pelvic pain has been getting better. I do not know if I am getting used to it or if it is going away. Either way, less pain means more happiness!


Dessert. Something chocolaty and gooey. I have yet to find out what this is!


House work. Cleaning is getting to be a challenge because of my belly. I don’t enjoy bending over and picking things up off the floor anymore. It is rather uncomfortable!

What do you think?