Twenty Nine Weeks Pregnant

Another week down. Only 11 left to go. I can not believe it! Time is passing by way too fast. I want to slow this pregnancy down! There are so many things I want to do before he gets here, namely move into a new house. I am hoping and praying this happens. But if it does not I will make it work! I have started testing for gestational diabetes. I did not want to take the drink for many reasons, the main one being the one time I did drink it I felt light headed and dizzy like I was going to pass out. With my second pregnancy I was able to eat some jelly beans instead of the drinking the drink.  Read more about that HEREI am at a new hospital this time around and they do not offer an alternative to the drink. My only other option is to prick my finger four times a day to check my blood sugar levels. They want me to do this first thing in the morning and two hours after each meal. I eat in between meals, thank you nausea, so I have been doing this an hour after each meal. So far my numbers have been AMAZING. They want me to do this for two weeks but after one week my fingers hurt. I do not know if I will continue this for another week. If I was having problems with my numbers I would definitely do this for two weeks, but with my numbers being as they are, I want to stop. I can not imagine doing this daily for a long period of time!


Bigger tummy. Baby is moving all the time. When he hasn’t moved at his normal times of day or night I can gently move him and he will move back. It is pretty neat!


Salad. I LOVE B.J.’s bottomless soup and salad lunch combo. I know I will eat a good, healthy meal and fill myself up. Eating is still very hard for me.


Laying down. Sitting down. Standing up. Nothing is comfortable!

What do you think?