Twenty Four Weeks Pregnant VIABILITY!

Twenty four weeks! That means viability! Viability means baby has a chance of surviving outside the womb, with a TON of help. But, typically, at 24 weeks doctors will fight to keep baby alive! Hopefully nothing happens and this baby stays in until 39-42 weeks. Cook baby, cook! This is an exciting week! Nothing new has happened except for viability! My belly is starting to look fake. Especially after I lotion it up. It is nice and round. Firm. I LOVE my pregnant body. It amazes me how much our bodies can grow and what they are capable of. I treasure my pregnant body. Maybe because I know it will be gone soon.


Insomnia is still going strong. I am incredibly tired but can not sleep. My hips hurt or I just can’t shut off my brain. It is annoying.


Nothing too bad. I did eat a Wendy’s hamburger this week and it tasted delicious. I might have had it one more time but then the craving was gone. I typically do not eat fast food, unless you count In N Out, which I do not. 🙂 But being pregnant I always want fast food.


Parenting. Ha. It is getting harder to move around so I can’t run after my kids. And cleaning is hard. I can barely bend over, how am I supposed to pick anything up?!

What do you think?