Twenty Five Weeks Pregnant

One more week down. I am twenty five weeks pregnant. I am already missing being pregnant. I know these next 15 weeks will pass way too quickly. It is bittersweet. I want to hold my baby but I also love being pregnant. I know life will be more challenging once he is here. My lap as it is now can hold my baby in my womb and my two other babies. I know holding three will be more difficult once they are all on the outside. I am pretty sure I have been feeling hiccups this past week. He is moving a lot too! I can visibly see him kicking and moving. It is so neat! My husband thinks it’s weird and looks like an alien. I think a new stretch mark has arrived. It is hard to tell because I have so many as it is! They fade when I am not pregnant, you can barely see them. But when I am pregnant they are out in full force!


Insomnia. Need I say more? I find I am constantly waking up on my back. I have a head cold right now which makes it hard to breathe. The only way I can breathe is laying on my back. Luckily it is still comfortable. I prop my head and upper back up so there is not too much weight of the baby pressing down on my body. He sure is growing!


Nadda. No cravings. Again. Ugh. I want to want to eat! That is one of the hardest things about this pregnancy. I don’t have cravings and I am still nauseated half the time. Eating doesn’t help, it only makes my tummy hurt even more.


Cooking, cleaning. I just want to sleep and eat!

What do you think?