Twenty Eight Weeks Pregnant

Third trimester! Holy cow, where did the time go?!? I had my 28 week appointment and it went well. I am worried about baby being breech due to my first baby being breech. We did a quick ultrasound and he is head down! He is also still a boy! I was a little unsure if he was actually a boy because I very much expected another girl. I also received my breast pump at this appointment. I have never received a breast pump through insurance before. It was nice to receive it before baby is born! I have also FINALLY gained weight! About 10 pounds for this pregnancy, which is not average for me. I typically gain about 50 or so pounds per pregnancy. Granted, I started this pregnancy with more weight on me than my other pregnancies, but I am still glad to see the weight gain! Baby is moving like crazy! Still no name, but I am not expecting to have a name picked out until he arrives.


Nothing new. I am pregnant! Big belly, peeing all the time. My insomnia seems to be getting better, knock on wood. My pelvis feels SO MUCH better! I think chiropractic care is really helping.


Nothing. BUT I am finally hungry! The downside to that is I don’t know what I want to eat! Nothing sounds good. Except wood fired pizza. MMM. I might have to order some right now!


Artificial scents. The trash bags we have are febreeze scented and it drives me crazy. I hate opening the garbage can.

What do you think?