Tummy Shield Pregnancy Seatbelt Adjuster Review

I am in my third trimester. Wearing a seat belt has become uncomfortable. Thanks to the Tummy Shield I can now comfortably and safely wear my seatbelt again! The Tummy Shield is a pregnancy seatbelt adjuster.

The seatbelt typically sits on and across your hips. When you are pregnant your baby sits in between your hips. I have tried many times to find a comfortable position for the seat belt to go across my hips without digging into my belly. Sometimes I am able to find that comfortable spot. But, in the event of an accident, the seat belt may travel upwards onto the belly. When this happens mom’s belly and baby are now compressed. Not every single car accident involving a pregnant woman end in miscarriage, but some do. If there is an easy, effective and safe way to prevent this, I am 100% for it.

The Tummy Shield was created by an engineer who’s daughter was born with a traumatic brain injury. The doctors concluded she sustained this injury in a car accident her parents were in while pregnant. This father wanted to make sure this never happened to another family and the Tummy Shield was born.

The Tummy Shield is definitely more comfortable than just using the seat belt. The Tummy Shield is a small cushion you place on top of your car seat and sit on. In the middle of the Tummy Shield is a metal hook for the seat belt. There is a strap that goes around the back of your car seat to secure the Tummy Shield to your seat so it does not move. It is adjustable and has an extra, detachable piece on the back to make sure the Tummy Shield fits perfectly on your car’s seat.

To use Tummy Shield you simply set it on your car’s seat, secure the strap and make sure it is tight. You do not want Tummy Shield slipping and sliding. Next you sit in your seat and secure your seat belt as usual. Then you pull on the lap belt near your stomach and secure the belt in the stainless steel hook in between your legs. You are now ready to drive!

The Tummy Shield has been crash tested and is safe to use in the drivers seat and any passenger seat in the car. If you remove the back cushion area your hook is closer to the back of the seat and to your body. It depends on your car and your body if you need to use the extender or not. For me it was comfortable either way. The Tummy Shield does life you up higher in your car seat just a touch.

The Tummy Shield can be used all throughout pregnancy, from the first day you find out, up until delivery. The Tummy Shield is also PERFECT for c section mamas! Keep that seat belt OFF your c section incision! After my c section I hated driving in the car. I would be in tears because of the pain. I would hold my seat belt away from my incision. 100% not safe and I was worried about an accident every time. My first HATED the car seat so when I had to drive alone not only was I dealing with the pain of my c section scar but also a crying baby. The Tummy Shield would have made life so much easier and more comfortable!

You can purchase your Tummy Shield online for $149. There is free shipping on all orders over $100, which means every Tummy Shield ships free! You can also purchase on Amazon with free Prime shipping for the same price.

Find more information at https://tummyshield.com/



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24 thoughts on “Tummy Shield Pregnancy Seatbelt Adjuster Review”

  1. What an awesome invention! I knew someone who lost their baby due to a car accident. Extremely terrible, here’s to hoping this will reduce the instances of fetal harm.

  2. I had never heard of this but did know of the dangers of a seatbelt on a pregnant belly. What a great invention!

  3. Wow, that’s a GREAT idea! One of those “why didn’t I think of that?!” ideas. Sure could have used this 14 years ago!

  4. Wow! This is my first time hearing this. Being pregnant with twins some years ago, it would have been nice to have this around!

  5. Such a very smart idea. The safety of both the mom and the baby inside should always be a top priority. It is smart to be ready all the time than be sorry.

  6. Oh this is really nice! I’m sure pregnant women are going to feel so much more comfortable when driving around! I love that there’s an added cushion as well.

  7. Such an interesting concept. It really makes sense. I wish I would have had something like this. When we had our second child it was caused by a hit and run accident. Teens hit us and then drove off. This could have been handy then.

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