Tummy Down Pregnancy Pillow Review

I LOVE sleeping on my stomach. Absolutely love it. At around 20 weeks I started not being able to lay on my stomach anymore. Which really stinks because I sleep best when I am on my stomach. I was sleeping on my stomach as much as I could because I knew the day would come when I wouldn’t be able to sleep like that anymore. Luckily I found a wonderful Tummy Down Pregnancy Pillow which allows me to continue to sleep on my stomach!


Tummy Down Pregnancy Pillow is made out of dense foam and has a cut out for my growing belly as well as my neck and chest. The pillowcase is made out of stretchy material which adds some additional support.


Tummy Down Pregnancy Pillow has two layers of support inside. The top layer is removable and is typically used in the third trimester to give you more tummy support.


Using just the first layer of support inside the Tummy Down Pregnancy Pillow is perfect for the second trimester. I started out using the Tummy Down Pregnancy Pillow with only the first layer of support. It was perfect!


I am now nearing/in the third trimester and have added the second layer of support. The Tummy Down Pregnancy Pillow still feels great!

To use the Tummy Down Pregnancy Pillow you simply lay down! Thats it! It feels great and offers great support. I normally have a pillow under my head while I sleep, but this is what it looks like without a pillow.

You can buy Tummy Down Pregnancy Pillow online for $85. The Tummy Down Pregnancy Pillow is also great for postpartum. Especially if you have had a c-section. One of the most uncomfortable things for my after my c-section with Bunny was I could not sleep comfortably, and I would have loved to be able to sleep on my stomach. I can image the Tummy Down Pregnancy Pillow would allow me to sleep on my tummy after a c-section.

Overall, the Tummy Down Pregnancy Pillow is a great pregnancy pillow that allows you to sleep on your stomach. Every mom I have spoken to about this product, pregnant or not, has commented on how much they wished they knew about this when they were pregnant! If you are pregnant or know of someone who is, pass on the message! They (or you) will thank me!

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