Tottigo Pack ‘n Potty Review

Bunny has started using the toilet on her own. At home Bunny uses a little potty at home. The first time we went out and Bunny needed to use the potty, she would NOT use the big potty. It was big and scary, not to mention dirty. I didn’t want Bunny using the big potty in a public restroom. I don’t even like using public restrooms. Luckily Bunny just received a Tottigo Pack ‘n Potty! On our next venture out of the house we brought our Pack ‘n Potty with us.


Tottigo Pack ‘n Potty is a stylish, lightweight an all in one travel potty seat. Pack ‘n Potty transforms in seconds from a tote into a toilet seat cover that attaches to a stable toilet to provide a stable potty seat perfectly sized for a child. Pack ‘n Potty provides not only a stable seat perfectly sized for a child, but also provides a full barrier from the toilet surface making potty time easy and stress free for parent and child.


Pack ‘n Potty is made from antimicrobial and waterproof material which forms an impenetrable barrier when placed on a surface. This keeps Bunny’s bum and body nice and clean when using a public restroom. Pack ‘n Potty has a small potty seat on it which allows Bunny to sit comfortably on a big toilet. Adult supervision is required, but I do not have to hold Bunny over the toilet seat when using Pack ‘n Potty.

Pack ‘n Potty is an all in one potty seat, which includes a travel case/back pack. When you open Pack ‘n Potty the sides fold down over the attached potty seat, transforming the potty seat into a sanitary cover AND a potty seat. The potty seat and sanitary cover can then be placed over any standard sized toilet. Pack ‘n Potty is machine washable and, once the potty seat is removed, can go in the dryer as well.

I absolutely love that Pack ‘n Potty is an all in one product. I don’t have to struggle with a cover and a potty seat. I love that the potty seat and cover are all in one. I especially love that Pack ‘n Potty is antimicrobial and covers not only the seat of the toilet, but the rest of the toilet as well. I love that Bunny has a barrier between her and the germs on the toilet. My favorite feature of Pack ‘n Potty is the attached wet/dry pocket. I can store extra clothes, baby wipes and/or an extra set of cloth trainers in this handy pocket.

Pack ‘n Potty is lightweight and very compact. Pack ‘n Potty can be carried back pack style, in the stroller or even in a diaper bag. Bunny loves to carry her Pack ‘n Potty!


Pack ‘n Potty is simple and easy to use. It takes seconds to set up and seconds to put away. To use Pack ‘n Potty you simply open the drawstrings on Pack ‘n Potty, roll the sides down and wahla! Pack ‘n Potty is ready to use. To put Pack ‘n Potty away you simply pull the sides up over the potty seat and pull the drawstring closed. Easy peasy!

Pack ‘n Potty measures 13″ x 14″ x 2.5″ and currently comes in one color scheme, blue and green. You can buy Pack ‘n Potty online for $39.99.



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