Toddler Tula Review and Giveaway

I wear my babies. From day 1. I wore Bunny all throughout my pregnancy. When Baby Sister was born, Bunny still wanted to be worn. I was able to do that by wearing Baby Sister on my front and Bunny on my back. Bunny was a little over 2 years old at that time. I started noticing that she wasn’t fitting in my soft structured baby carriers very well anymore and my body was starting to hurt when I carried both my babies. This wasn’t good for anyone! I searched around for a soft structured toddler carrier and found the Toddler Tula.


Toddler Tulas are meant to be used with babies who are at least 25 pounds and 32 inches tall. A Toddler Tula is NOT meant for a baby or child who is smaller than this. For a baby or child under 25 pounds and 32 inches you would need the Standard Tula.

 Toddler Tulas have a waist band that can adjust from 27 inches to 56 inches. 27 inches of that is padded while the other 29 inches are webbing. This toddler carrier can be worn by moms and dads of many sizes. The Toddler Tula also comes with a detachable hood. I prefer to use my Toddler Tula without a hood. Bunny has never needed her hood while in the Toddler Tula. There is also a front pocket on the waist band. My phone fits perfectly in this pocket.


Our Toddler Tula is very comfortable for me. I can wear Bunny for hours and not be in pain. The shoulder straps are heavily padded. They are not bulky but they definetley make carrying a 25+ pound load a little easier. The waist band is also padded. This is nice on my waist and hips. No rubbing or chafing there. The buckles are easy to snap and unsnap with one hand. All of the buckles have an elastic loop around them that are a safety measure. This elastic loop will help keep the strap in place should the strap come undone on its own. It will not hold for long, but most people will notice if the strap has come undone and will have enough time to keep baby from falling. The waist buckle secures in the back. The chest belt is easily adjusted and helps secure the shoulder straps.

I can wear my Toddler Tula on my front or on my back. I mainly wear Bunny on my back as Baby Sister is on my front. There have been a few times when I have worn my Toddler Tula on my front.

For front carry I first fasten the waist buckle around my waist. Then I put Bunny on my body right above the carrier. I lift up the back panel and put one arm through the shoulder strap then do the same with the second arm. Next I reach behind me and secure the chest clip. Then I tighten the chest clip straps and tighten the shoulder straps. Now we are ready to go! I might shift Bunny’s weight around a bit to make sure she is in the middle of the carrier and comfortable.

To do a back carry with the Toddler Tula I first fasten the waist buckle around my tummy. When I am carrying Bunny on my back I like to make sure she can see above my shoulder so I place my waist strap as high as I can. Most of the time this is below Baby Sister’s bum (she is most likely in a wrap or sling). The higher I place my waist buckle, the higher Bunny will be on my back. There are two ways to get Bunny onto my back. I can pick her up and place her on my hip then shimmy her body over to my back or I can place her directly onto my back. I prefer to place her directly onto my back. I can do this one of two ways. I can have Bunny stand on the ground and swing her onto my back or I can have her stand on an elevated surface like a sofa or the seat of the car. I prefer to have her stand on an elevated surface. Sounds complicated but its not. Check out this video to see how easy it is!

Once Bunny is on my back I lean forward and pull up the back panel. I like to try to use a mirror or a window to make sure I have the back panel as far up on her back as I can. Then I put my arms through the shoulder straps and secure the chest clip on my chest. Then I tighten everything and we are ready to go!


Bunny is now 3 years old. We have had our Toddler Tula for about 8 months. I love it as much now as the day I bought it. As Bunny gets older she doesn’t want to be worn as much, but in those early days when Baby Sister was born, Bunny wanted to be worn constantly. If Baby Sister was being worn, Bunny wanted to be worn. Having the Toddler Tula made this easier and helped both me and Bunny to be comfortable. Bunny currently weighs 27 pounds and is 37 inches tall. She still fits comfortably in our Toddler Tula and we both plan to use it for a long time. I do not get as much use out of my Toddler Tula as I do my Standard, but it is still worth every penny. Baby Sister is a bigger baby, she might grow into our Toddler Tula sooner than Bunny did. If you plan on baby wearing for years to come, a toddler baby carrier is a must!

Toddler Tulas are made from 100% cotton canvas. Toddler Tulas are machine washable. I like to put mine in a pillowcase because it has sparkles on it. If it did not have sparkles on it I would not put it in a pillowcase. I wash my Tula with my baby clothes with gentle detergent. I mainly do this so it does not irritate my babies skin. I hang my Tula to dry. I try to wash it at night so it is dry by morning. If I needed it ASAP I would be comfortable drying it in the dryer but I wouldn’t recommend doing this on a regular basis. Only when it is an emergency.

You can purchase your Toddler Tula online for $169. Patterns and colors change frequently. You can enter to WIN a Toddler Tula below!

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57 thoughts on “Toddler Tula Review and Giveaway”

  1. I just tried a toddler Tula at a local baby wearing meeting! I can’t decide on a specific print I like but something girly since I have two girls!!

  2. I would love the Travel Bug print! Thank you for the chance to win one! I have been wanting to buy one for my two year old but we have a new baby on the way so I’m using our resources to buy a baby Tula first. 🙂

  3. I like Later Gator and Slow Ride. Thank you for this chance. I love carrying my littlest guy but he is a big boy and almost two, so a bigger carrier is what I need!!

  4. Thank you for the review. I definitely need a Toddler size Tula for my giant baby. He’s 19 months 31 pounds and 37 inches tall. I love that you took the time to explain all this.

  5. I am amazed with the cross-arm technique! 😀 I need to upsize to a Toddler Tula and watching this video made me want it more. 😀

  6. I love to win either Shenandoah or Daydreamer Winter Solstice todd tula. It’s time for me to upgrade to todd size for my 18 mth and I can use it on my 4.5 yr gal too. Will love to win this!

  7. I would love to win any print. My toddler is a girl but am currently pregnant with baby#2 and don’t know gender yet.

  8. I want them alllll! We loved our standard Tula, but my 2 year old doesn’t comfortably fit in it anymore. I think my current favorites are Later Gator Solana and Piper.

  9. A toddler SSC is my current unicorn. My 3.5 year old loves to be carried. I’d be happy with any print. I think alpaca love is my current favorite Tula.

  10. I would love to win any girl or gender neutral print! I think my one year old is ready to upgrade:)

  11. I really love daydreamer but would be so happy with any! My little is just smashed in her standard tula.

  12. There are some great prints. I like Skyscape, its Gender neutral and would be great since I have boys and girls. Thanks for the chance 🙂

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