Thirty Weeks Pregnant

I am feeling baby move so much now! Sometimes he startles me with his movements. Sleeping has become a challenge. I can no longer lay on my back at any point, not even with pillows to help elevate my head and upper back. Side lying is getting more difficult as well, but it is the only way I can lay now! I still switch from my left side to my right side. I am loving my Cozy Bump pregnancy pillow. I can not use this in bed at night, but it is great for during the day. It helps relieve the pressure on my hips. I love to lay in it and relax. Getting it away from my children is a challenge though! They think it is for them, silly kids. No appointments this week but I am nearing the point where I will have bi weekly appointments. Things are getting real!


My belly is growing so much! I forget how big I am until I look in the mirror. It is shocking to me sometimes!


Nothing. Bummer. I want cravings!


Nothing too bad this week.

It is pretty fun to look back at my other pregnancies and see the difference between them.

What do you think?