Thirty Six Weeks Pregnant

Wahoo! I made it to 36 weeks! I was afraid I would not make it this far, just because it would be incredibly inconvenient for our entire family if baby came before now. We have moved, my husband is not leaving town again, and I am still pregnant! YES! Life is good! I am feeling baby move a lot and he is strong! It hurts sometimes. I almost feel like he will break my water. This is how labor started with both of my previous pregnancies. I am not sure that I will know labor has started if it is just contractions. Third time mom and I am still worried about knowing when labor has started! I have not had any braxton hicks contractions, that I know of. I am so glad baby has stayed in this long! If he could stay in at least 2 more weeks I would be overjoyed! I am okay with a past due baby as well. He will decide when he’s ready to come. Get some fat on you baby! My first baby was 7 pounds at birth and my second was 10 pounds at birth. There was a huge difference in weight gain and sleeping habits between the two babies. The 10 pound baby had no issues with nursing and slept so well! She is still a pretty good sleeper. Could be a personality difference, but I think the different birth weight added to it.


Huge belly. Lots of movement. He is crazy strong, it hurts!


Nothing. No cravings again. I am hungry a lot but not for anything specific.


Unpacking! Sleeping is still difficult. I want to sleep so much! But I get up to pee 5 million times a night.

What do you think?