Thirty Seven Weeks Pregnant

Another week down! I was 37 weeks when I had my first baby. I am so glad to still be pregnant. Although I am looking forward to not being pregnant in three weeks! This belly is HUGE and gets in the way of everything. I am ready to be able to do things again. Play with my kids more, go exploring, be normal again! I can not wait! I do not want this baby to come early, but I am glad there is only 3 or so weeks left of this pregnancy. My belly is huge and he moves constantly. Sleeping is hard to do, but I am managing as best I can. I look forward to sleeping on my stomach again!


So much movement!


Olive Garden again. I have not been able to indulge as it is too far away. I am hungry all the time now! It is time to invest in some more protein bars!


Unpacking! My husband has been doing most of it. This is the second time we have moved while I am pregnant. Poor husband has to do everything!

This is my last week I can do a comparison photo for all three pregnancies! I had my first girl at 37 weeks, my second girl at 39 weeks and 5 days. We shall see when this baby boy arrives!


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