Thirty One Weeks Pregnant

We had an eventful 31 week visit with our OB. My  husband was off work for the day to celebrate my birthday so he accompanied me and the girls to the doctors appointment. He went to every single appointment with out first and most of the appointments for our second baby. He changed jobs and was not able to come to any of these doctors appointments for this baby so it was a little exciting for him to be there. Although we both know the appointments are pretty routine and boring. At least they are supposed to be. During this appointment our doctor noticed baby was dropping a heart beat. She sent us to be monitored for 20 minutes and sure enough, the dropped heart beat kept happening. I am very glad my husband was there with me. I do not know how I would have corralled my girls while laying there on monitors with my emotions running wild. Our doctor sent us to the perinatal department. We had a little less than 2 days until our appointment. These were the hardest 2 days of my life. Wondering what is wrong with my baby. How severe it is. Maybe its nothing? Maybe it is everything? The worry and not knowing was intense. 2 days later I had a non stress test where they monitored baby’s heart beat for 20 minutes. After that I had an in depth ultrasound to look at his heart. Then the specialist reviewed everything and spoke with me. I was able to call my husband, who was at home with the girls, so he could hear everything the doctor said. This entire process took 4 hours. It was a stressful 4 hours!

The doctor told us that baby’s heart was fine. The top portion has more space and is able to beat 400 beats per minute. The lower portion is only able to beat at 200 beats per minute. Because of this, the upper portion is trying to beat faster and instead of trying to catch up, the lower portion pauses and catches the next beat. It is pretty common and only presents a problem in 1% of cases. As baby grows the space for the upper portion gets smaller which makes it harder to beat as fast. He can outgrow it before birth. Also, once baby takes a breath his lungs expand and this gives the heart less space which can also fix the problem. So for now, this is not a huge issue, just something to be monitored.

However, when they were doing the ultrasound they found an intra abdominal umbilical vein varix. This is a varicose vein inside the umbilical cord. This can be a problem in about 5% of cases. So we are monitoring this as well. If baby did not drop a heart beat we would have never known about this. It could be an issue or it could be nothing. There is a lot to say about this issue. Stayed tuned for more information!

Other than that my week was okay! A few days of stress. But once we figured out what was wrong and not wrong, I felt like a new person! I was so worried for those days and had to keep it together in front of my babies. It was hard but I am glad baby is doing okay. We now get to do a non stress test twice a week and an ultrasound every other week until baby is born. Luckily we only have 9 weeks left. WHEW.


BIG belly! He moves so much it makes my belly jump all around!


Nothing. Still. No. Cravings.


Bad news!

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