Thirty Nine Weeks Pregnant

My goodness this pregnancy has passed by quickly but is now dragging on and on! I am ready for this baby to come. I am huge. I am ready to be able to move around and play with my kids like I could before I had this big belly! My belly is huge and he moves all the time. His movements still hurt. He did drop the other day, but that does not mean labor is near! I have not had any Braxton hicks contractions. At least none that I know of. I have been walking a lot because that is part of having two older kids, and not a single contraction. I am sure it is way too comfortable in there for him! Who knows, maybe I will go to 41 or 42 weeks!


A big belly. It is hard to miss!


Olive Garden again. Not that I have eaten it, but I want to!


Sleeping is difficult again. I think I will sleep more when baby is here!

What do you think?