Thirty Five Weeks Pregnant

Time is passing! 35 weeks! I am so close to the 36 week mark! At 36 weeks a home birth is much more realistic and there are less chances of complications for baby. Stay in for at least another week baby! Of course I want baby to stay in until 40 weeks or so. Since my first came at 37 weeks I am always nervous to have another early baby. Every week inside leads to a healthier baby! We are moving next weekend and my husband will be out of town for the day next week so I would REALLY love for this baby to stay inside until he comes home.


I can not believe how big my belly is getting! I forget how big I get when pregnant. People stare at me and it is irritating. Then I walk by a mirror and do a double take! I am big!


No cravings this week. I have not been cooking much due to moving and have been enjoying eating out while it lasts. I know once baby is born I will not be going anywhere!


Packing! And getting up. I feel like a turtle on its back! It takes me a while to move!

What do you think?