THINX Period Panties Review, Your Questions are Answered!

If you have not heard about THINX period panties yet, now you have! THINX period panties are just that, panties for when you are on your period. Before I go any further I will answer the question on your mind, Do they work and feel okay? YES! They not only absorb blood they also feel great! Well as great as you can feel when you are on your period.

If you don’t want to read the full review, here is a snapshot. THINX period panties are comfortable, dont feel wet, can be worn all day without leaks, all night without leaks, come in a wide variety of styles and sizes and are more cost effective than panty liners. THINX period panties can replace panty liners and pads/tampons, depending on your flow. Are they worth the money? YES! Are they comfortable? YES! Do I suggest trying them? YES! If you would like a more in depth review, keep reading.

Lets get to the basics, how do they work? THINX period panties have four layers, an antimicrobial layer, a moisture wicking layer, a leak resistant layer and an absorbent layer. Together these layers allow blood to absorb into the panties without feeling wet. The inner lining is treated with with a natural anti microbial, silver. The silver becomes embedded in the fibers and fights off bacteria and smell. The interior of THINX period panties is made with cotton and the outside is made of nylon/spandex. Interior Innermost 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane; Middle breathable PUL, 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane; Outer 89% Nylon, 11% Elastane; Trim 100% Polyester

THINX period panties come in a few different styles and sizes. Currently there is the hi-waist which holds up to 1 1/2 tampons worth, the hiphugger which holds up to 2 tampons worth, the sport which holds up to 1 1/2 tampons worth, the boyshort which holds up to 1 tampons worth, the cheeky which holds up to 1 tampons worth and the thong which holds up to 1/2 a tampons worth. The sizes are xs, s, m, l,, xl, xxl, and 3xl. THINX period panties currently come in two colors, black and nude.

Okay, now that you know what they are made of and what sizes, styles and colors they come in, lets get down to the real information. How do they actually work and feel. I have tried cloth pads before so THINX period panties are not a stretch for me. Having said that, I prefer my THINX period panties to any cloth pad. First, thinks are not bulky. They are normal underwear with a little bit of extra protection. The extra protection and absorbent layers are not super crazy. I can not feel them much when I wear my THINX period panties. I do, however, feel very comfortable and confident when wearing my THINX period panties. I could confidently wear my THINX period panties in my house without pants on without anyone else knowing I was on my period. I dont have to worry about my skirt blowing up or my child pulling my pants down and everyone seeing my pads. (Irrational fear I know, but I think it non the less!) I love that THINX period panties look like normal panties. They are made of spandex so they are a little shiny, which is different from what I normally wear. But other than that, at first glance I would never know they are period panties.

I tried a few of the styles hip hugger, sport and boyshort. I am a size 10-12, I think. (I was a size 6-8 before having children.) Since having babies I have not worn a pair of numbered sized pants. I comfortably wear a size medium pant, sitting at my hips. I had a c section and this plays a part in how THINX period panties fit my body. I tried both medium and large. While I fit the medium, they were a touch too tight. The larges fit perfectly and were very comfortable. Since purchasing my THINX period panties they have updated their size and their website says their sizing now runs true to size.

I typically wear underwear that sits at my hips so I thought the hip hugger would be my favorite. I did order a few others to try them, but I thought for sure I would LOVE the hiphugger. Sadly I did not. The hiphugger has an inch or so of lace at the top, which is sexy and all but offers no support. So the elastic sits lower on my hips and did not feel comfortable. I was constantly pulling the hiphugger up, but it would not go up. I felt like they were falling off when they were perfectly situated. The way they fit my body was not very fun for me. The elastic ended up sitting on my c section scar and was VERY uncomfortable. The rise of the hiphugger does touch the hip, but the actual pantie without the lace was much lower, at or below my hair line. I was totally bummed because I purchased a few of the hiphuggers but ended up not wearing them. The hiphugger is their best selling pair and holds the most, up to 2 tampons worth.

Medium on top of large
Medium on top of large

The sport looked nice on the website, it looked like it fit around the hip area so I ordered one. Oh my goodness, this is heaven! Well, heaven when you are on your period. The sport fit perfectly and had no irritations. I did not feel like it was falling off and honestly forgot I was on my period. Until I felt some flow and did a mental check to make sure I was safe. Good thing I was wearing my THINX period panties!  The sport is my favorite, so much so that I now am the proud owner of 8 pairs of sport THINX period panties! Sport holds up to 1 1/2 tampons worth.


Boyshort is not my cup of tea. Due to the fit of the hiphugger I thought I would give the boyshort a try. The boyshort sits higher on your hips, closer to your waist. I do not like things this high and would not purchase the boyshort again. But I do use my boyshort at night. The boyshort squished my belly down a bit and pushed on my c section scar. They are not uncomfortable per se, they sit too high for my taste but they are perfect for night time! They are comfortable enough that I can sleep and keep my bed protected. If you like things higher on your hips these would be good for you. Boyshort holds up to 1 tampon worth.

I tried both the black and the nude. The black is black all around, inside and out. I was a little disappointed that the inside, blood absorbing area was black as well. I, personally, like to see what area has blood on it and how much is there. If I looked closely, without taking my panties off, I could sort of see where the blood was. I was hoping the nude would be nude all around, thus letting me see my blood pattern and amount. Unfortunately the nude is black on the inside. If THINX were to change this, make the inside nude or white, I would be 100% satisfied with these panties. As it is, I am satisfied but there is room for improvement.

To wash THINX period panties it is suggested to rinse first, wash on cold, do not use fabric softener and to hang dry. I don’t rinse mine first, but I do follow the other instructions. It seems to take a good 12-16 hours of drying for my THINX period panties to be completely dry. For this reason I would suggest buying more pairs than you think you will need. I would love to have 1 pair for the daytime and 1 pair for the nighttime. An average cycle lasts 5 days so one would need at least 4 pairs to get through, but 6-8 would be ideal.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 2.25.31 PM

I love my THINX period panties. I do use a cup for my heavy flow days, because I hate the feel of blood gushing out of me. If all I had were my THINX period panties, I would be fairly confident they would contain my flow. When I am spotting or have a slow or light flow, all I need are my THINX period panties. I do wear one pair of THINX period panties all day. I also wear one pair at night. I am still in the postpartum part of my life as I am nursing my 16 month old and have just recently started having periods again. This means I stop a few days at a time in between periods. My THINX period panties are super helpful at these times. I was spotting for a while, almost 10 weeks, after my last birth and THINX period panties would have been an incredible comfort. I have been using THINX period panties for 2 cycles and 2 sets of days of spotting. I am actually excited for my next period to be able to wear my THINX period panties!

THINX period panties are soft and soothing on my lady parts. When my girls reach the age of periods I will definitely be getting them some of their own. THINX period panties would be great for any teenager. There is nothing worse than having an accident in school while you are on your period. Same goes for adult life! THINX period panties replaces pantie liners and, for some, can replace pads all together!

THINX period panties range from $24-34. I would suggest having at least 7 pairs, if nor more. While that is a big cost up front, in the long run you will be saving money, and you are eco friendly! From the Huffington Post, the average woman spends $1,773 on tampons, $443.33 on pantie liners and $2,280 on new underwear. Or you can spend $190 (on the high end) for 7 pairs of THINX period panties, never have to buy pantie liners again and never ruin your fancy panties again!

 If you purchase 3-4 pairs you will automatically see a 10% discount, 5-6 pairs a 15% discount and 7 or more pairs a 20% discount! New customers can click here to sign up and receive $10 off your first order and free shipping! (I will receive $10 towards my next purchase too!)

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  1. Like some of the other people that have left comments; I too am past that stage in life ~ THANKFULLY! These would have been really helpful back in the day!

  2. I think I’ve seen something like this before online. It’s a really cool concept, but I’d like to know if it helps with very heavy periods. If so, it is something I would consider purchasing. Periods can be so messy and I really hate that.

    1. I have found they work well on my heavy days as well as my light days. It all depends on your flow. I suggest giving them a try, if you like them you will love them and they will change your periods forever!

  3. I am always looking for alternatives to the usual stuff out there. I am a string, no wing type person, but am trying to ween off even the strings (never research stuff on Google) these look like something to try. Thanks!

  4. I have been looking for healthier alternatives to tampons. I was leaning towards the diva cup but the Thinx panties could be a good alternative as well.

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