The Sucklebuckle Review

Nursing in public is sometimes a daunting task. Especially when wearing a shirt you need to lift up to nurse in. Trying to hold a fussy, squirmy baby with one arm while trying to lift up your shirt, undo your nursing bra and get your breast accessible to baby, then trying to let baby latch without covering their face with your shirt. Its like running a marathon! Frazzled mom with messy hair, sweating and out of breath. At least, that’s how I feel when I try to do this. Another mom had a similar experience and invented The Sucklebuckle.

The Sucklebuckle is a “nursing device to prop your top so you don’t have to.” The Sucklebuckle consists of two clips attached on either end of an elastic strip. It’s a little more involved than that, but that is the basic concept. To use The Sucklebuckle you attach one clip to your nursing bra or tank, drop The Sucklebuckle underneath your shirt so it is hanging under your shirt from your nursing bra or tank. Then grab the bottom of The Sucklebuckle and wrap it around the bottom of your shirt, up towards the strap of your nursing bra or tank. Then hook the second clip onto your nursing bra or tank and tighten as much or as little as you’d like. Now your shirt is out of the way and you and baby can relax. It’s quick, easy, can be done with one hand and saves both mama and baby some frustration and time. When you are done nursing simply unclip one or both ends of The Sucklebuckle and remove it from under your shirt. Store in the diaper bag for the next time!

The Sucklebuckle comes in handy when we are out and about. I don’t like to cover Baby Sister when she nurses. When I use The Sucklebuckle I can position it so Baby Sister is uncovered but my side boob is covered. I don’t want to show off my breasts, I want my baby to eat comfortably and happily. I love that The Sucklebuckle allows me to cover the skin that is not being used while keeping my baby uncovered.


You can purchase The Sucklebuckle online for $28. Currently The Sucklebuckle comes in two colors, black and electric purple or black and mauve.

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