The Night Before The Night Before Christmas Book Review

 The Night Before The Night Before Christmas by Jay Dee and Darren Geers is a wonderful book for the Christmas season. I think this is a wonderful book for anytime of the year! The illustrations are incredibly gorgeous and the story is one I have never heard before.


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The Night Before The Night Before Christmas is a story about Elfie, one of the elves at the North Pole. Elfie is a perfectionist and spends all of his time working on one toy. Elfie doesn’t want to disappoint Santa by not finishing all of his assigned toys, but Elfie must make sure this one toy is perfect. On The Night Before The Night Before Christmas Santa will be arriving to pick up the toys to deliver to children on Christmas Eve. The head elf is not too happy with Elfie and both are worried how Santa will react to Elfie’s list of unfinished toys.

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Santa surprises both Elfie and the head elf by being proud of Elfie’s work. Santa lets Elfie know he chose Elfie to make this specific toy because this toy is for someone very special. The toy Elfie has perfected is meant for Jesus Christ, who will be born that Christmas night.

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I absolutely love how this book ties both the traditional reason for Christmas and the child’s view of Christmas together. I have never read a Christmas book that focuses both on Santa and Jesus Christ. This is by far my favorite children’s Santa Christmas book.


Last year Bunny was 11 months old and did not understand Christmas or anything surrounding Christmas. Bunny is almost 2 now and is starting to grasp Santa and presents and Christ’s birthday. I love how The Night Before The Night Before Christmas combines both Christ, the most important part of Christmas, and Santa and toys, the things children look forward to during the Christmas season.

I also love how The Night Before The Night Before Christmas emphasizes the importance of giving your all to every task you do. Elfie is very proud of his work, and Santa is very proud of Elfie.

If you are looking for a new Christmas book, and even if you are not, I highly suggest this book. The Night Before The Night Before Christmas is a book every child should have. It is important, to me, to remember what Christmas is about while enjoying the innocence of childhood and Santa.

You can purchase The Night Before The Night Before Christmas online for $10.91 with free shipping if you have amazon prime.


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