The Natural Stain Remover, The Laundry Bar by Earth Care

Earthcare has a great companion to the Pink Solution laundry detergent and that is the Laundry Bar. The Laundry Bar is six times stronger than Pink Solution and has some Borax added to it. The laundry bar is exactly what it sounds like, a bar of laundry soap, highly concentrated laundry soap.

What I love about the Laundry Bar is that it is safe for children and pets. I don’t expect my children or pets to play with the Laundry Bar but I try to only use cleaners in my home that are safe for them since they are constantly in my house, no matter how many times I try to kick them out. The Laundry Bar can be used on any type of stain. I love how easily Laundry Bar gets out blood stains. Bunny, 3 1/2 years old, cut her finger at the park the other day. She got blood on one of her favorite dresses. She was incredibly sad. I used the Laundry Bar and viola! No more blood stain!

To use the Laundry Bar you simply get it wet, rub it on the stain and rinse it off! I like to apply the Laundry Bar to my stains before I start the washing machine. I get the stains wet and rub the Laundry Bar on them. I load the washer full of clothes and add my stained one on top. When I take the clothes out of the washer I am always greeted with a stainless garment! I have used the Laundry Bar on blood, grease, grass stains, pit stains, any stain really! I like to keep a bit of the plastic on it to hold it so it doesn’t slip out of my hand.


The Laundry Bar is perfect for traveling. You can take this on the road and clean up stains as they happen. With kids, stains always happen. I love that I can treat the stain and remove it without having to launder it completely.

You can purchase your Laundry Bar online. One laundry bar is $9.95 and three laundry bars is $24.95. These are Canadian pricing so for those of us in the USA the prices are $7.57 and $18.92.

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8 thoughts on “The Natural Stain Remover, The Laundry Bar by Earth Care”

  1. I love having a reliable stain remover. I always make sure to have one ever since I had the kids. It’s really important and it’s going to help a lot as well. I think this is awesome!

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