The Cushy Closer, a Quieter Way to Close the Door

My girls are at the age where they have started playing with each other. They are also bugging each other. When Bunny (3 1/2) wants to be alone she goes into a room a closes the door. Not always nicely or quietly. While I have told her this is not okay, it still happens. Sometimes she does not mean to close to door so hard, other times she does. Fortunately I discovered the Cushy Closer and could not wait for it to arrive!


The Cushy Closer is a door cushion that that fits around both door handles, one on each side, and sits over the latch. This allows the Cushy Closer to muffle or eliminate the sound of the slamming door. Or any closing door really. This makes it super easy to go in and out of a sleeping baby’s room without having to deal with the sound of the door latching. The Cushy Closer does allow the door to close all the way, but it does not allow the door to latch. This is great for when Baby Sister naps. I can close her door completely but do not have to turn the knob or hear the door latch. I do not know how many times both of my babies have woken up from the sound of the door closing! That is the most frustrating thing at nap time! They are asleep one second then BAM the closing door is an incredibly loud sound and baby is awake. The Cushy Closer eliminates that noise!


The Cushy Closer is also great for keeping toddlers from locking themselves in a room. Bunny has recently discovered locks. She is amazing at locking doors, not so amazing at unlocking doors. It only takes a second! Multiple times I have come to the door right as she locks it and can not get it unlocked. Luckily we have a key so it was not a big deal. But, if we did not have a key that would be a HUGE deal! Bunny was freaking out inside the room for the 30 seconds it took to unlock the door. I can’t imagine if she had locked herself in for longer! The Cushy Closer allows doors to close without locking. This is also great for rooms you don’t ever want to lock, older kids, and elders. The Cushy Closer helps keep doors unlocked and unlatched at all times.

Baby Sister (17 months old) has discovered doors close. She is immediately unhappy that she can not open the door. I am getting very tired of helping her open the door. She always seems to do this while I am making dinner. It’s like they have a radar, they know when my hands are busy and dirty! The Cushy Closer is the perfect solution! Baby Sister can close all the doors she wants, as many times as she wants and can still open them on her own. She will not be able to accidentally close herself in a room with a Cushy Closer!

TheCushy Closer keeps my babies hands and fingers safe. With the Cushy Closer on my doors my children can not slam their hands or fingers in the doors. This is great for my kids as they have done this to themselves a few times! The Cushy Closer is also great for pets. My pets like to sleep in our room but also like to go out to the family room in the middle of the night. I do not like getting up and opening the door. I have left the door cracked open for them but I hate all the bright light that comes into the room while they decide what they are going to do. The Cushy Closer allows me to keep the door closed while allowing my pet to push the door open when they need to leave. This also allows me to close the door when I get up in the middle of the night while allowing my pet to get back into my room. The Cushy Closer is helpful in so many ways!

Cushy Closer works on any door knob, but not door levers. Cushy Closer works by looping one loop over the door knob, pulling Cushy Closer around the door latch and looping the other loop through the other door knob. It is pretty easy to put on and take off, but not easy enough that Bunny can do it on her own. This is nice because I can put on Cushy Closer but Bunny can not take it off.

The Cushy Closer comes in so many colors and styles there is sure to be one for you! We have, and love, the Charlotte Blue Cushy Closer. I really love that the Cushy Closer comes in elegant, classic patterns. It is a nice change from the baby decor. You can purchase your Cushy Closer online for $11. The Cushy Closer makes a wonderful baby shower present! I feel like every door in our house should sport a Cushy Closer!

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