The Cost of Using Disposable Diapers

The average name brand diaper costs about 25 cents per diaper. This cost will be more if you choose organic, bamboo or natural. The cost will be a tad lower, but not much if you choose the store brand. 25 cents a diaper, with the average diaper change being every two hours, and yes, this is accurate with a newborn through about 3 months old, day and night. Sometimes I would change my baby’s diaper more often than every 2 hours due to poop, so we will go with 12 diapers a day for 1 year. It all evens out. 25 cents a diaper, 12 diapers a day, 365 days in a year equals $1,095. ONE THOUSAND NINETY FIVE DOLLARS! For ONE YEAR of disposable diapers.


Lets say for your baby’s second year you change them every 2 hours during the day and they wear a night time diaper at night and sleep 12 hours with no diaper changes in the middle of the night. The average price of a name brand night time diaper is about 34 cents per diaper. Say your baby is awake for 12 hours and asleep for 12 hours. That is 7 diapers a day, 6 of them being 25 cent diapers and 1 of them being a 34 cent diaper. That is $1.86 a day, and $678.90 for the second year. Pull ups run about 31 cents each. If you use 5 pull ups a day for one year that would cost $567.23 cents.


By these calculations, to use the name brand disposable diapers for 2 years (and really the amount of kids who potty train at exactly 2 years old is not very high) it would cost $1,773.90 to diaper your child for 24 months. Add on to that cost if your child does not potty train at exactly two years. If you do pull ups for a year the total cost would be $2,341.13.


 Pretty crazy huh?

The cost of starting cloth diapering is, on average, $300-500. $300-500 gets you a supply of cloth diapers that will not only last you through your child’s entire 2 years (sometimes longer) but can also be used for a second, third and fourth child. As many children as you want! And you can resell your cloth diapers when you are done with them, typically getting back about half of what you paid! You can also purchase cloth pull ups instead of disposable pull ups.

Granted, my calculations are based off a quick amazon search of disposable diapers. If you use coupons and purchase during sales you can definitely get your cost lower than what I have estimated. But I highly doubt you would be able to cut the cost (roughly $2,000) in half, much less get it down to $500 for the child’s entire diapering stage. AND be able to reuse these diapers for a sibling, and/or sell them when you are done. You definitely can not reuse disposable diapers and nobody wants to buy used disposable diapers! 🙂

Want to know what you need to start using cloth diapers? Stay tuned, tomorrow I will tell you everything you need to know!

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