Teething Bling Necklace and Bracelet Review AND Giveaway!

Every mama needs some bling. Unfortunately, babies tend to grab and pull on that bling, which can ruin your bling and create a choking hazard. Bunny broke a few of my necklaces before she was six months old! Teething Bling is a safe and stylish alternative to your diamonds and pearls.


Teething Bling products are made from food-safe, phthalate-free, federally-approved silicone. Teething Bling is not only stylish but also serves a handy purpose. Teething Bling is safe for babies who are teething to chew on. Teething Bling is safely secured on a nylon necklace and secured with a clasp. Babies can gum the nylon as well as the stylish pendant. Teething Bling offers many different necklaces and bracelets, as well as some other accessories.


I was able to try the Amethyst and Pear gift set, which includes a lovely Amethyst donut shaped pendant necklace as well as a matching Amethyst bangle and a pearl shimmer bangle. I absolutely love this gift set. The colors are clear and beautiful. I love the two matching bangles which allows me to have options on what I wear. I can wear one bangle or both together. I have received so many compliments on this set!


Teething Bling donut shaped necklaces are light weight and beautiful. Teething Bling are not only teething bling, they are also great as a nursing necklace. Bunny nurses a few times a day and loves to hold and play with my Teething Bling donut shaped necklace. I remember when Bunny was an infant I always wore some kind of necklace for her to fiddle with while nursing. It saved me from pinches and stretched out shirts. My favorite thing about my Teething Bling donut shaped necklace is how stylish it is. When my babies are done teething I can still wear my Teething Bling donut shaped necklace. I love how stylish and practical Teething Bling is.


Teething Bling bangles are very light weight and easy to wear. I love the size and shape, as well as the coloring. I can easily slip the bangle on my wrist and feel confident it will not slide off. I love wearing both of my bangles at once. I can look and feel stylish while wearing bling that is safe for my babies.


Teething Bling comes in many different shapes and colors. There is something for everyone! You can buy the Amethyst and Pearl gift set online for $34. Or you can create your own set by mixing and matching Teething Bling necklaces and bracelets. There are so many options and possibilities. Let the world see your style Mama!


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  1. The peach scented would be really cool or the one that looks like a cookie. However,purple is my most favorite color.

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