Swaddle Swing Review

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What is a Swaddle Swing? A Swaddle Swing is an amazing portable, parent powered baby swing. Swaddle Swing not only provides gentle motion for your baby, it also provides the swaddling babies love! Swaddle Swing was created by a Dad who found a solution to calm his crying baby. The Swaddle Swing is perfect for fussy or colicky babies.


The Swaddle Swing is designed for babies from birth up to 6 months of age. I did not receive my Swaddle Swing until Baby Sister was 6 months old. Baby Sister is a big baby, in the 90% for height and weigh. At 6 months old, Baby Sister fits comfortably in the Swaddle Swing. Not only does Baby Sister fit comfortably, but the Swaddle Swing also calms her! The Swaddle Swing is not just for newborns! Baby Sister has never really enjoyed being rocked, she never really took to a traditional swing. I have always bounced her to calm her and to help her fall asleep, even now. When I used the Swaddle Swing with Baby Sister, she was instantly happy!

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The Swaddle Swing is super easy to use. Simply lay the Swaddle Swing down on a secure surface, lay baby in the Swaddle Swing, secure the strap over and around baby’s arms and body, pick up the handles and gently swing your baby! Easy peasy! You can see Baby Sister was having a fussy time until the Swaddle Swing started swinging!

The Swaddle Swing is WONDERFUL for traveling. I would have LOVED this product when Baby Sister was smaller. Shopping, eating out, air ports, trains, friends and families houses, church, there are so many places the Swaddle Swing comes in handy! The Swaddle Swing is compact and folds up to fit nicely in a diaper bag. You can take your Swaddle Swing with you anywhere! When traveling, bulky swings are hard to take with you. For some babies, swings are a necessity. The Swaddle Swing allows you to have a baby swing with you without having to pack and ship a huge piece of furniture.


The Swaddle Swing makes the PERFECT baby shower gift. Every parent should have a Swaddle Swing. It is an easy, no hassle way of calming a fussy baby. Transferring a sleeping baby from the Swaddle Swing is easy as well. Baby Sister would fall asleep in the car occasionally but she would never transfer well. With the Swaddle Swing you can help baby fall asleep and when baby is asleep, simply lay baby and the Swaddle Swing down together, or unstrap baby and gently remove the Swaddle Swing. Doesn’t get any easier than that!

I love the price tag on the Swaddle Swing. The Swaddle Swing sells for $39.99. You can buy the Swaddle Swing online and use promo code AABW10 to receive 10% off and automatic free 2 day shipping! An amazing product at an amazing price. Seriously, buy one for you and for a friend. The Swaddle Swing is that great!

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